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  1. Ivan III of Russia | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Reverse of Ivan III's seal from 1472, after his marriage with Sophia Paleologue The character of the government of Moscow under Ivan III changed essentially, taking on a new form. This was due not merely to the natural consequence of the hegemony of Moscow over the other Russian lands, but to new imperial pretensions.

  2. Third Rome | Religion-wiki | Fandom

    Stirrings of this sentiment began during the reign of Ivan III, Grand Duke of Moscow who had married Sophia Paleologue. Sophia was a niece of Constantine XI, the last Eastern Roman Emperor and Ivan could claim to be the heir of the fallen Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire). At the beginning, the notion of "Third Rome" was not necessarily ...

  3. Coat of Arms of Russia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    The double eagle was added Ivan IIII after his marriage with the Byzantine princess Sophia Paleologue. She was the niece of Constantine XI, the last Byzantine Emperor. The double-headed eagle was the symbol of the Byzantine Empire. The orb and scepter held by the eagle are heraldic symbols of sovereign power and autocracy. Other part

  4. Ivan the Young | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Ivan III planned that Dmitry would succeed him, but under pressure from his wife Sophia Paleologue, chose to exclude him from succession in favour of Sophia's son, Vasily. After several domestic squabbles between Elena and her mother-in-law, the former was taken to prison on 11 April 1502.

  5. Sophia Paleologue: พระราชบุตร: อีวาน อีวาโนวิช วาซีลีที่ 3 อีวาโนวิช Yury Ivanovich Dmitry Ivanovich Simeon Ivanovich Andrey Ivanovich Elena Ivanovna Feodosia Ivanovna Eudokia Ivanovna

  6. Kekaisaran Romawi Timur - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia ...

    Ia telah menikahi saudara Andreas, Sophia Paleologue. Cucunya, Ivan IV, akan menjadi Tsar Rusia yang pertama (tsar, atau czar, berarti caesar, adalah istilah yang dahulu digunakan bangsa Slavia untuk Kaisar Romawi Timur). Penerus-penerus mereka mendukung gagasan bahwa Moskwa adalah penerus Roma dan Konstantinopel.

  7. Ivan III - Bio, Age, Wiki, Facts and Family

    Ivan III was born on January 22, 1440 (age 65 years) in Russia. He is a celebrated prince. He died on October 27, 1505, Moscow, Russia. The parents of Ivan III are Vasily II of Moscow, Maria of Borovsk. He had 3 children Vasili III of Russia, Ivan the Young, Helena of Moscow.

  8. Wasili III van Rusland - Wikipedia

    Wasili III (Russies: Василий III Иванович; 25 Maart 1479 – 3 Desember 1533) was van 1505 tot 1533 die grootprins van Moskou.Hy was die seun van Iwan die Grote en Sophia Paleologue.

  9. Vasili III của Nga – Wikipedia tiếng Việtủa_Nga

    Vasili III Ivanovich (tiếng Nga: Василий III Иванович, còn được gọi là Basil III; (25 tháng 3 năm 1479 – 3 tháng 12 năm 1533 tại Moskwa) là một Đại công Nga từ năm 1505 đến năm 1533. Ông là con trai của tiên công Ivan III Vasiliyevich và với bà Sophia Paleologue, ông được làm lễ rửa tội với tên thánh là Gavriil ...

  10. Hoàng đế Nga – Wikipedia tiếng Việtàng_đế_Nga

    Hoàng đế Nga hoặc Sa hoàng Nga (tiếng Nga: (cải cách năm 1918) Императоръ Всероссійскій, Императрица Всероссійская, (chính tả hiện đại) Император Всероссийский, Императрица всероссийская, Imperator Vserossiyskiy, Imperatritsa Vserossiyskaya) là hoàng đế chuyên chế và sau ...

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