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  1. Soulkeeper is a Sci Fi Pictures original TV-movie that premiered October 13, 2001 on the Sci Fi Channel

    Soulkeeper - Wikipedia
  2. Soulkeeper (2001) - IMDb

    Oct 13, 2001 · Directed by Darin Ferriola. With William Bassett, Howard Berger, Jaime Bergman, Vincent Berry. Two thieves down on their luck get hired to steal the Rock of Lazarus, an ancient relic capable of returning evil souls to earth.

    • (1.2K)
    • Darin Ferriola
    • R
    • 2 min
    • Soulkeeper - Trailer
    • Soulkeeper
    • Soulkeeper (2001)
    • Soulkeeper - Trailer
  3. Soulkeeper - Wikipedia

    Soulkeeper is a Sci Fi Pictures original TV-movie that premiered October 13, 2001 on the Sci Fi Channel

    • Kevin Saunders Hayes
    • ‹See TfM›, October 13, 2001 (U.S.)
  4. Soulkeeper (2001) - Rotten Tomatoes - Movie Trailers

    Oct 16, 2001 · Darrin Ferriola's quirky horror film Soulkeeper follows the misadventures of a pair of petty crooks who steal an item, the Rock of Lazarus, that may cause the destruction of mankind. The item ...

    • Darin Ferriola
    • horror, comedy
    • First Look Pictures
  5. Soulkeeper: William Bassett, Howard Berger, Jaime ...

    Oct 16, 2001 · 4.0 out of 5 stars Soulkeeper, Good, soft-horror Movie. Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2015. Verified Purchase.

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  6. this movie broke my fucking VCR. the tape head got so dirty just from rewinding this piece of shit tape with its stupid ass lenticular cover that it won't play anything anymore. now I have to shell out $14 for a tape head cleaner because q-tips and alcohol aren't going to work in this player. fuck you, Soulkeeper.

    • (101)
    • Darin Ferriola
  7. The Soul Keeper - Wikipedia

    The Soul Keeper (Italian: Prendimi l'anima, French: L'âme en jeu) is a 2002 Italian-French-British romance-drama film directed by Roberto Faenza.It is loosely based on real life events of Russian psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein and notably on her therapeutic and sentimental relationship with Carl Gustav Jung.

  8. Reviews: Soulkeeper - IMDb

    Not that bad effort. "Soulkeeper" has some interesting scenes like Corey's dream sequence. The gore level is okay if you consider that this is very low budget. The acting surprisingly delivers. But the f/x is the thing that stabs "Soulkeeper" in the back. The demon/monster is very cheesy; even for this kind of movie.

  9. Prendimi l'anima (2002) - IMDb

    Aug 02, 2004 · Directed by Roberto Faenza. With Iain Glen, Emilia Fox, Craig Ferguson, Caroline Ducey. Seduced by Jung, killed by hate, redeemed by history. In 1905 a 19-year-old Russian girl suffering from severe hysteria is admitted into a psychiatric hospital in Zurich.

    • (1.6K)
    • Roberto Faenza
    • Not Rated
  10. Soulkeeper - Film Complet EN FRANÇAIS - YouTube

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    • Eric Tilford
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