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  1. Splash, Too (directed by Greg Antonacci), was a television film released in 1988 (contradicting the first movie's finale revelation that if Allen goes to live in the sea, he can never return) starring Todd Waring as Allen Bauer, Amy Yasbeck as Madison, and Donovan Scott as Freddie Bauer.

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    Mar 09, 1984 · SPLASH (1984) **** Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Shecky Greene. Excellent fantasy comedy directed by Ron Howard about produce salesman Hanks who, unbeknownst to him, falls in love with a mermaid (innocently played nicely by Hannah) in Manhattan and asking the immortal question: Is love blind?

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    Splash, Too (directed by Greg Antonacci), was a television film released in 1988 (contradicting the first movie's finale revelation that if Allen goes to live in the sea, he can never return) starring Todd Waring as Allen Bauer, Amy Yasbeck as Madison, and Donovan Scott as Freddie Bauer.

    • Bruce Jay Friedman, Brian Grazer
    • Brian Grazer
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    The movie is about a mermaid in Manhattan - (Hannah) who comes to find the boy. The man & mermaid's happiness are jeopardized by insane scientist/mermaid hunter (Levy). The scientist is determined on exposing Madison as a fish-woman lends the story with screwball comedy. Gotta love John Candy who plays Allen's brother Freddie.

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    Movie Info A young boy saved from drowning by a beautiful mermaid, falls in love with her 20 years later when she returns to seek him out. Before he can choose between life on dry land or a deep...

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    • fantasy, romance
    • PG
    • Ron Howard
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    Splash (1984) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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    Splash Tom Hanks stars as Allen Bauer, a workaholic who's convinced he can't fall in love...until he's mysteriously rescued at sea by the mermaid of his dreams. Soon Allen and Madison (Daryl Hannah) are swept away by hilarious and heartwarming romance.

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    As a boy, Allen Bauer, who does not know how to swim, leaps into the water off Cape Cod after something only he can see. He is rescued from drowning by a young mermaid, and an instant connection forms between them. When his parents retrieve him, no one sees her, who weeps at the loss of her new friend before departing. Allen comes to believe the encounter was a near-death hallucination, but his bond with her proves so strong that his subsequent relationships with women invariably fail as he subconsciously seeks the connection he felt with her. Years later, now co-owner with his womanizing brother, Freddie, of a wholesale fruit and vegetable business in New York City, Allen, depressed after his latest breakup, returns to Cape Cod, where he briefly encounters eccentric scientist Dr. Walter Kornbluth, and again falls into the sea. He wakes up on a beach where he encounters a beautiful nude woman who, unknown to him, is the mermaid he met as a boy (she is wearing the same necklace she w...

    Screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel both make cameo appearances in the film. Ganz plays Stan, the tour guide, in the scene set at the Statue of Liberty. Mandel plays the man in charge of ice skate rentals who tackles Tom Hanks' character when he tries to run out with his skates still on. Ron Howard's father, actor Rance Howard, can be seen early in the film, screaming at Hanks' character about "his cherries." Howard's brother, Clint Howard, can be seen as a wedding guest, identified by Candy's character as the bride's brother and yelled at by Hanks.

    According to the documentary on the Splash: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD in 2004, producer Brian Grazer had pitched the film to numerous studios but was turned down repeatedly until The Walt Disney Company, then headed by Ron Miller, agreed to produce the film. An issue at the time of production was the competition between Splash and another announced mermaid film that had lined up Warren Beatty as its star. Director Ron Howard promised the studio that Splashwould be filmed quicker and cheaper than the other film, which eventually fell through. Many big name Hollywood stars were considered for the male lead such as Jeff Bridges, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Bill Murray, Christopher Reeve, Mickey Rourke, and John Travolta before going to the relative lesser known at the time Tom Hanks. The film's content (including some language and brief nudity), which was deemed inappropriate for a Disney film at the time, led to the creation of the Touchstone Pictures label, which...

    Critical reaction

    The movie was a huge success: made with a USD $8 million budget, the movie grossed $6,174,059 on its opening weekend and ended up grossing $69,821,334 in the U.S. alone. The movie was well received by critics and is considered by many as one of the best films of 1984. It earned a 92% "Fresh" rating from the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.However, the audience panned it with just 52% liking it on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.2 IMDb rating.


    Award wins: 1. Saturn Award for Best Actress - Daryl Hannah 2. National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay - Bruce Jay Friedman, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel Award nominations: 1. Academy Award for Best Writing, Original Screenplay - Bruce Jay Friedman, Lowell Ganz, Brian Grazer, Babaloo Mandel 2. Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy 3. Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay - Bruce Jay Friedman, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel 4. Satur...

    Cherry Lane album track listing

    1. Love Came For Me (Love Theme) (2:34) 2. Madison In Bloomingdale's (1:37) 3. Mermaid On the Beach (2:32) 4. Underwater (2:20) 5. Reflection (1:03) 6. Rainy Night (2:40) 7. Face To Face (1:25) 8. Escape And Chase (2:54) 9. Madison And Allen (3:04) 10. Moonlit Night (2:56) 11. Daydream (:55) 12. Raid On A Museum (:50) 13. The Leap To Freedom (3:35) 14. Return Home (1:23)

    Super Tracks album track listing

    1. Main Title (1:51) 2. First Meeting (1:33) 3. The Boat/Mermaid On The Beach (2:34) 4. Underwater - Version #1 (1:29) 5. Underwater - Version #2 (1:25) 6. Daydream (:57) 7. Madison At Bloomingdale's (1:09) 8. In The Bar (2:12) 9. Late At Night (2:35) 10. Watching TV (1:24) 11. "I Love You" (1:41) 12. Rainy Night (2:38) 13. All Wet (1:07) 14. Sneak Attack (1:03) 15. Raid On A Museum (:43) 16. Reunion (1:21) 17. Escape And Chase (2:55) 18. The Leap For Freedom (2:20) 19. Return Home (2:14) 20....

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    Parents need to know that Splash is a 1984 comedy in which Tom Hanks falls in love with a mermaid. Literal-minded teens may take this fantasy for an idealized version of what relationships are like. Especially for young girls, this film may encourage them to think that what they look like is more important than what they think.

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