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  1. St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague: 4 Things to Know in 2019

    St. Vitus Cathedral, or to use its full name The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert, is an excellent example of Gothic architecture and the biggest and most important church in the Czech Republic. The seat of the Archbishop of Prague, dedicated to Saint Vitus, is definitely a historical monument of huge significance ...

  2. St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague: history, architecture, tour ...

    St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague (Katedrála svatého Víta) is an amazing gothic church which has so many “the most” in its history, that I decided to share the facts about the construction and invite you for a virtual tour around the biggest and the most important religious institute in Czechia.

  3. St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague Blog

    St. VitusCathedral towers regally over the other buildings of Prague Castle. This fairytale cathedral, the largest in the Czech Republic, was centuries in the building – as a matter of fact, ten centuries. St. Vitus’ Arm. The foundations for St. VitusCathedral were laid in the tenth century.

  4. A Guide to St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague | The Creative Adventurer

    Sep 07, 2017 · St. Vitus” was named by Prague’s patron Saint, St. Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia. Saint Wenceslas had acquired a holy relic, the arm of St. Vitus, from Emperor Henry I . Since Saint Vitus had a Slavic sounding name and the Emperor thought this was the perfect relic to convert the Slavic people to Christianity.

  5. Inside Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral

    An important part of Prague's skyline, the facility itself is enormous and contains another wonder of the country's architecture: the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert, more commonly known as St. Vitus Cathedral. Glistening: View of the exterior main entrance of St. Vitus Cathedral.

  6. Introduction | Katedrála

    The St. Vitus, Wenceslas and Adalbert Cathedral offers a free space of quiet, concentration and orientation, a space that is very necessary today. It has grown out of the oldest layers of our country’s history, it is a sum of Christianity and the whole of our civilization and together with us it rises towards the heavenly Jerusalem.

  7. St. Vitus Cathedral: The Largest Temple in Prague | WeCityGuide

    St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and most important temple in Prague with its long-standing history over the centuries. Until 1997, St. Vitus Cathedral is only dedicated to the Saint Vitus because of this it still knowns as the St. Vitus Cathedral among the people.

  8. Architecture Highlights: St Vitus Cathedral, Prague – Our Wanders

    Mar 24, 2016 · St Vitus Cathedral is a Gothic church with some Neo-Gothic addition. It was founded in 1344 and finished in 1929 – nearly 600 years after it was begun. The building process came to a halt as the Hussite War began in the 15 th century and later a great fire damaged the cathedral.

  9. Visiting Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral: What you need ...

    Mar 27, 2020 · The Prague Castle Complex - that includes St Vitus Cathedral - is one of the most popular sights in the Czech Republic. It's said to be the largest ancient castle in the world but, as you'll realise, that's because there are so many different parts to it.

  10. Saint Vitus’s Cathedral | cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic ...

    Other articles where Saint Vitus’s Cathedral is discussed: Bohemian school: …(Karlštejn Castle, near Prague) and St. Vitus’s Cathedral (Prague). The cathedral and parts of Karlštejn Castle were begun according to routine French design by the Flemish master mason Mathieu d’Arras; when Mathieu died in 1352, the work on both buildings was taken over by the influential German architect ...

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