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  1. American Wire GaugeWikipedia

    Neben dem American Wire Gauge existieren in Großbritannien Imperial Standard Wire Gauge (ISWG), auch einfach Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) genannt, und Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG), auch Stubs’ Wire Gauge genannt, die ebenso durch einen Zahlencode gekennzeichnet sind.

  2. How To Use NPT Thread Gages - The Gage Store - The Worlds ...

    Using the NPT or NPTF or ANPT gages can also be simple since you only have 1 primary L1 gage that acts as both Go and NoGo using the gauge notch(s) or ring face to line up with the end of the product thread +/_ the allowable tolerance the basic thread form is within compliance.

  3. Standard Wire Gauge — Wikipédia

    Standard Wire Gauge (SWG), encore appelée British Standard Wire Gauge ou Imperial Standard Wire Gauge est une norme britannique décrivant le diamètre des câbles électriques. ( BS 3737:1964) Cette norme tombée en désuétude reste toutefois employée pour les cordes de guitares ou certains câblage électriques.

  4. What is the current gauge of british rail tracks as i am ...

    Jul 05, 2008 · The nominal gauge of standard gauge railways in Great Britain is 1435mm which is the same as the standard gauge in most of Europe (some countries, including Russia, Spain and Ireland use wider gauges). 1435mm is effectively identical (to within 0.1mm) to the old definition of 4 ft 8 1/2 inches which I think is still the standard gauge in the USA but track and wheel specifications throughout ...

  5. Imperial Standard Wire GaugeWikipedia

    Imperial Standard Wire Gauge, als Standard Wire Gauge eingeführt, abgekürzt SWG, Weiterentwicklung der Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG), ist eine britische Kodierung für massiven Draht und ist in der veralteten Norm BS 3737:1964 festgelegt. Der wachsende überregionale und internationale Handel mit Drähten und Kabeln zwang Britannien Ende des 19.

  6. When did Southern Pacific steamers blow their whistle in ...

    Almost all the SP audio recordings I’ve heard have the steam locomotives blowing their air horns at grade crossings. I know this is to penetrate fog and be heard at high speeds. But that begs the question, when DID the SP steamers blow their whistles, if ever?

  7. You've heard of a 12 gauge, this is a 4 gauge shotgun : videos

    Not a gun enthusiast, but from Wikipedia: Gauge is determined from the weight of a solid sphere of lead that will fit the bore of the firearm, and is expressed as the multiplicative inverse of the sphere's weight as a fraction of a pound, e.g., a one-twelfth pound ball fits a 12-gauge bore. Thus there are twelve 12-gauge balls per pound, etc.

  8. American wire gauge - Wikipedia

    De American wire gauge (AWG) standaard werd in 1857 in Noord Amerika in gebruik genomen. In Nederland wordt een AWG-maat uitgesproken door een nummer gevolgd door de letters AWG of andersom, bijvoorbeeld "13 AWG" of "AWG 13". Amerikanen duiden de maat aan met bijvoorbeeld: "13 Gauge" (De Engelse uitspraak van Gauge rijmt op Cage). Een dunnere ...

  9. railway.pdf | Track (Rail Transport) | Track Gauge

    Cost of land acquisition, earthwork, sleepers, ballast etc. proportional to size of gauge Cost of rails, bridges, tunnels, stations, signals etc. almost same for all gauges Wider gauges can accommodate larger wagons/coaches, and higher speeds – hence more traffic.

  10. Teoria di gauge - Wikipedia

    Questo quadro teorico, noto come Modello standard, è una teoria di gauge con gruppo di gauge SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1). Altre teorie moderne, come la teoria delle stringhe e certe formulazioni della relatività generale, sono, in un modo o nell'altro, teorie di gauge.