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    Stará Boleslav is a historical town and the oldest pilgrimage site in Central Bohemia. It was an early Přemyslid dynasty stronghold built in the late 9th and 10th century and surrounded by stone ramparts.

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    Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav The best-known united pair of Czech towns is entered in the list of Czech geographical records as the town with the longest name. It is located in central Bohemia and divided by the Elbe River.

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    Stara Boleslav is also well known for the bronze relief of the Virgin Mary with her child Jesus, Palladium of the Bohemian lands. The legend says that local farmer found this relief in 1160 and it was said to have a miraculaous power.

  5. Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav is an administratively united pair of towns in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, in the heart of the agricultural region of Polabí, about 25 km northeast from Prague.

  6. Mladá Boleslav - Wikipedia › wiki › Mladá_Boleslav

    Because there already was a town known as Boleslav near Prague, this new town was called "Město Boleslava Mladého" (The Town of Boleslav the Young), later abbreviated to "Mladá Boleslav" (Young Boleslav) to distinguish it from the older town of Boleslav, which became known in the 15th century as Stará Boleslav (Old Boleslav).

  7. Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav - a place of pilgrimage ... › brandys-nad-labem-stara

    And this town is most famous for being the place where Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia was murdered by his brother Boleslaus I the Cruel in, it is believed, AD 935. And Stará Boleslav is named after...

  8. Hotel Bohemia, pyšnící se krásným výhledem na barokní chrám Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, nabízí ubytování v obci Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, přibližně 20 kilometrů od centra Prahy. Okolí skýtá možnosti pro kulturní i sportovní vyžití.

  9. Wenceslas I | Biography, Martyrdom, & Facts | Britannica › Wenceslas-I-prince-of-Bohemia

    Wenceslas I, also called Saint Wenceslas, Czech Svatý Václav, (born c. 907, Stochov, near Prague—died Sept. 28, 929, Stará Boleslav, Bohemia; feast day September 28), prince of Bohemia, martyr, and patron saint of the Czech Republic.

  10. Boleslaus I, Duke of Bohemia - Wikipedia › wiki › Boleslaus_I,_Duke_of_Bohemia

    Expansion of the Bohemian state during the reign of Boleslav I and Boleslav II The defeat of invading Hungarians brought the same benefits to both Germans and Czechs. Less obvious is what Boleslaus expected to gain from his participation in Otto's war against the Obotrite princes in the far north.

    • September 935 – 15 July 967/972
    • Drahomíra
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