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  1. Sep 27, 2022 · WATCH: Star Trek: Enterprise - Tucker Meets the Parents on Vulcan. 2:19m Star Trek: Enterprise. Star Trek: Enterprise — Orion Pirates. 0:47m

  2. Star Trek: Enterprise (noch in den ersten beiden Staffeln als Enterprise bekannt) ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die von 2001 bis 2005 auf dem US-Fernsehsender UPN lief. Es ist die fünfte im fiktionalen Star-Trek -Universum spielende Realfilm -Fernsehserie.

  3. Jul 02, 2022 · Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula)- Star Trek: Enterprise's titular starship was the first United Earth starship that could travel at Warp 5.Captain Archer commanded it during its missions which created pivotal alliances that ultimately led to the founding of Star Trek's United Federation of Planets, which Archer presided over in 2161 – marking him among the most important of all USS ...

  4. This is a list of recurring characters from the live-action science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise, which originally aired on UPN between 2001 and 2005. The television show takes place in the 22nd century of the Star Trek universe, and takes place on starship (NX-01 Enterprise) exploring space.

  5. Sep 24, 2020 · Star Trek gave sci-fans the world over the greatest starship in genre history: the starship Enterprise.The classic vessel debuted in 1966 with a deceptively simple but considered design - a very sci-fi saucer attached to a rocket-like fuselage and paired with twin warp nacelles.

  6. Nov 08, 2021 · Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch Keith R.A. DeCandido. Join Keith R.A. DeCandido as he embarks on a rewatch of Star Trek: Enterprise. Star Trek ...

  7. Jun 07, 2022 · We’re happy to announce a special bonus that will be included with every Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Replica! Each Enterprise ordered will include (3) Class F Shuttles that will fit inside the hangar bay. The shuttles included are: NCC-1701/2 – Columbus NCC-1701/7 – Galileo NCC-1701/12 – Copernicus

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