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  1. Star Trek: Voyager - Wikipedia

    Star Trek: Voyager was the first Star Trek series to use computer-generated imagery (CGI), rather than models, for exterior space shots. Babylon 5 and seaQuest DSV had previously used CGI to avoid the expense of models, but the Star Trek television department continued using models because they felt they were more realistic.

    • January 16, 1995 –, May 23, 2001
    • UPN
    • Star.Trek.Voyager.s03e06.Remember
    • Star.Trek.Voyager.s05e24.Relativity
    • Star Trek: Voyager:Meld
    • Star Trek: Voyager:Infinite Regress
  2. Star Trek: Voyager - Watch Full Episodes -

    Star Trek: Voyager S1 E1, 2 Caretaker, Part 1 & 2 While on a short-term mission to track an infiltrated Maquis cell, Capt. Kathryn Janeway and her newly launched U.S.S. Voyager crew -- and the Maquis fighter crew -- are drawn 70,000 lightyears to the far side of the Delta Quadrant by an alien seeking survival, calling itself "the Caretaker."

    • 44 min
    • CBS
  3. Star Trek: Voyager | Memory Alpha | Fandom
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    Launched in the year 2371, the Intrepid-class Federation starship USS Voyager was a ship built to return to Starfleet's founding principle of scientific exploration. It was fitting that the ship's captain, Kathryn Janeway, rose up through the science ranks rather than command. On the ship's first mission while departing the space station Deep Space 9, which required it to find and capture a Maquis vessel that disappeared into the treacherous Badlands, the crews of both Voyager, as well as the...

    Despite the general prosperity of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Paramount pressured Rick Berman for yet another Star Trek television series. Although it was decided very early on that the new series would be set aboard a starship once again, it was important for the writers to vary the series from Star Trek: The Next Generation in other ways. Berman stated, \\"When Voyager came around and we knew we were going to place the next series back on a starship we wanted to do it in a way that was not go...

    1. Rick Berman – Executive Producer 2. Michael Piller – Executive Producer (1995-1996) 3. Jeri Taylor – Executive Producer (1995-1998) 4. Brannon Braga – Executive Producer (1998-2000) 5. Kenneth Biller – Executive Producer (2000-2001)

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  4. Star Trek: Voyager | Netflix

    The Star Trek franchise continues as the crew of the USS Voyager follows a Maquis ship into the Badlands and ends up 70,000 light years from home. 1. Caretaker: Parts 1 & 2 92m

    • 7
    • October 1, 2018
  5. Star Trek: Voyager Synopsis | Star Trek

    Star Trek: Voyager (VOY) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. Smaller than either Kirk’s or Picard’s starships—its crew complement is only 150—Voyager is fast and powerful, and has the ability to land on a planet’s surface.

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  7. Star Trek: Voyager - Episodes - IMDb

    The Voyager crew discovers what seems to be a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant and home. Images of Earth and letters from home elates the crew of Voyager. Seven, and others, however, are skeptical of this seeming deliverance. S5, Ep15

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