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    2 days ago · Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe, located on the Eastern Alps. It is composed of nine federated states, one of which is Vienna, Austria's capital and largest city. Austria is bordered by Germany to the northwest, the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the northeast ...

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    The earliest traces suggest initial inhabitation in the early Stone Age. Surviving pre-Roman place names show that the area has been populated continuously. In the 4th century the Romans established the army station Veldidena (the name survives in today's urban district Wilten) at Oenipons (Innsbruck), to protect the economically important commercial road from Verona-Brenner-Augsburg in their province of Raetia. The first mention of Innsbruck dates back to the name Oeni Pontum or Oeni Pons which is Latin for bridge (pons) over the Inn (Oenus), which was an important crossing point over the Inn river. The Counts of Andechs acquired the town in 1180. In 1248 the town passed into the hands of the Counts of Tyrol. The city's arms show a bird's-eye view of the Inn bridge, a design used since 1267. The route over the Brenner Pass was then a major transport and communications link between the north and the south of Europe, and the easiest route across the Alps. It was part of the Via Imper...


    Innsbruck has a humid continental climate (Köppen Dfb) using 0 °C (32 °F) isotherm or oceanic climate (Cfb) using the original −3 °C (27 °F) isotherm since it has larger annual temperature differences than most of Central Europe due to its location in the centre of the Continent and its position around mountainous terrains.Winters are often very cold (colder than those of most major European cities) and snowy, although the foehn windsometimes brings pronounced thaws. Spring is brief; days sta...

    Boroughs and statistical divisions

    Innsbruck is divided into nine boroughs (cadastral settlements) that were formed from previously independent municipalities or villages. These nine boroughs are further divided into twenty wards (cadastral districts). All wards are within one borough, except for the ward of Hungerburg (Upper Innsbruck), which is divided between two. For statistical purposes, Innsbruck is further divided into forty-two statistical units (Statistischer Bezirk) and 178 numbered blocks (Zählsprengel). The followi...


    1. Ambras Castle 2. Armoury 3. City Tower (Stadtturm) 4. Helblinghaus 5. Innsbruck from the Inn river (looking towards Nordkette) 6. Maximilian's Cenotaph and the Black Men in the Court Church 7. Old Town (Altstadt) with the Goldenes Dachl 8. Siebenkreuzkapelle 9. Tyrolean State Museum (Tiroler Landesmuseum) 10. Wilten Basilica

    The results of the 2018 local electionswere: 1. Austrian Green Party24.16% (left) 2. Freedom Party of Austria18.56% (right) 3. Für Innsbruck 16.15% (conservative) 4. Austrian People's Party12.17% (conservative) 5. Social Democratic Party of Austria10.32% (left) 6. NEOS – The New Austria and Liberal Forum4.73% (center) 7. Bürgerforum Tirol – Liste Fritz (FRITZ) 3.23% 8. Gerechtes Innsbruck (Gerecht) 3.10% 9. Tiroler Seniorenbund – Für Alt und Jung (TSB) 2.72% 10. Alternative Liste Innsbruck (ALI) 2.38%

    Cultural events

    Innsbruck is a very popular tourist destination, organizing the following events every year: 1. Innsbrucker Tanzsommer 2. Bergsilvester (New Year's Eve) 3. Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik (Innsbruck Festival of Early Music) 4. Christkindlmarkt (Christmas fair) In 1971 Author Douglas Adams was inspired to write the internationally successful The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxyseries while lying intoxicated in a field in Innsbruck.


    Due to its location between high mountains, Innsbruck serves as an ideal place for skiing in winter, ski-jumping and mountaineering in summer. There are several ski resorts around Innsbruck, with the Nordkette served by a cable car and additional chair lifts further up. Other ski resorts nearby include Axamer Lizum, Muttereralm, Patscherkofel, Igls, Seefeld, Tulfes and StubaiValley. The glaciated terrain in the latter makes skiing possible even in summer months. The Winter Olympic Games were...


    Innsbruck is part of the Austro-Bavarian region of dialects and, more specifically, Southern Bavarian (Südbairisch).Irina Windhaber, professor for linguistics at the Universität Innsbruck, has observed a trend among young people to choose more often Standard German language structures and pronunciation.

    Innsbruck is a substantial tourist centre, with more than a million overnight stays. In Innsbruck, there are 86,186 employees and about 12,038 employers. 7,598 people are self-employed.Nearly 35,000 people commute every day into Innsbruck from the surrounding communities in the area. The unemployment rate for the year 2012 was 4.2%. The national statistics office, Statistik Austria, does not produce economic data for the City of Innsbruck alone, but on aggregate level with the Innsbruck-Land Districtsummarized as NUTS 3-region Innsbruck. In 2013, GDP per capita in the NUTS 3-region Innsbruck was €41,400 which is around 60% above the EU average. The headquarters of Tiroler Wasserkraft (Tiwag, energy production), Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg (financial services), Tiroler Versicherung (insurance) and MED-EL (medical devices) are located in Innsbruck. The headquarters of Swarovski(glass), Felder Group (mechanical engineering) and Swarco (traffic technology) are located within 20 km (12...

    Innsbruck is located along the A12/A13 highway corridor (Inn Valley Autobahn and Brenner Autobahn respectively), providing freeway access to Verona, Italy and Munich, Germany. The A12 and A13 converge near Innsbruck, at which point the A13 terminates. Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof, the most important railway station of Innsbruck and Tyrol, is one of the busiest railway stations in Austria. It is served by the Lower Inn Valley line to Germany and eastern Austria, the Arlberg line to the west and the Brenner line, which connects northern Italy with southern Germany via the Brenner pass. Since December 2007 suburban services have been operated as the Innsbruck S-Bahn. Innsbruck Airport is located in the suburb of Kranebitten, which is located in the west of the city. It provides services to airports including Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Vienna. It also handles regional flights around the Alps, as well as seasonal flights to other destinations. During the winter, activity increases signif...

    Innsbruck is a university city, with several locally based colleges and universities. Innsbruck is home to the oldest grammar school (Gymnasium) of Western Austria, the "Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck". The school was founded in 1562 by the Jesuitorder and was the precursor of the university, founded in 1669. Innsbruck hosts several universities. The most well-known are the University of Innsbruck (Leopold-Franzens-Universität), the Innsbruck Medical University, and the university of applied sciences MCI Management Center Innsbruck.

    The international headquarters of SOS Children's Villages, one of the world's largest charities, is located in Innsbruck.
    The internationally active NGO Austrian Service Abroad was founded in Innsbruck in 1992 by Andreas Maislinger and Andreas Hörtnagl. Its central office is located at Hutterweg, Innsbruck.
    Innsbruck has two universities, the Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck and the Innsbruck Medical University. The Innsbruck Medical University has one of Europe's premier skiinjury clinics.
    The international headquarters of MED-EL, one of the largest producers of cochlear implants, is located in Innsbruck.

    Early times to 1600

    1. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor (1415 – 1493), Holy Roman Emperor from 1452 until his death, the first emperor of the House of Habsburg. 2. Margaret of Austria, Electress of Saxony (c. 1416–1486), member of the House of Habsburg, was Electress of Saxony 1431-1464 by her marriage with the Wettin elector Frederick II. She was a sister of Emperor Frederick III. 3. Sigismund, Archduke of Austria(1427–1496), Habsburg archduke of Austria and ruler of Tirol from 1446 to 1490 4. Elisabeth of Bra...

    1600 to 1700

    1. Johann Paul Schor(1615–1674), artist, known in Rome as "Giovanni Paolo Tedesco" 2. Archduchess Isabella Clara of Austria (1629–1685), by birth Archduchess of Austria as a member of the Tyrolese branch of the House of Habsburg 3. Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria (1630–1665), ruler of Further Austriaincluding Tyrol 4. Maria Leopoldine of Austria-Tyrol (1632–1649), by birth Archduchess of Austria and member of the Tyrolese branch of the House of Habsburg and by marriage the second spous...

    1700 to 1850

    1. Josef Ignaz Mildorfer(1719–1775), painter of frescoes 2. Franz Edmund Weirotter(1733–1771), painter, draughtsman and etcher primarily of landscapes and maritime scenes 3. Johann Nepomuk von Laicharting(1754–1797), entomologist and Professor of Natural Science (Naturgeschichte) in Innsbruck 4. Ignaz Anton von Indermauer(1759–1796), nobleman who was murdered in a peasant revolt 5. Josef Speckbacher(1767 - 1820) a leading figure in the rebellion of the Tyrol against Napoleon 6. Joseph Hormayr...

    Twin towns and sister cities

    1. Freiburg im Breisgau in Baden-Württemberg, Germany (since 1963) 2. Grenoble in Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France (since 1963) 3. Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (since 1980) 4. Aalborg in Denmark (since 1982) 5. Tbilisi in Georgia (since 1982) 6. Ōmachi in Japan, (since 1985) 7. New Orleans in Louisiana, United States (since 1995)


    1. Kraków in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland (since 1998)

    Austrian Service Abroad

    The Austrian Service Abroad is a NGO, which provides positions for an alternative Austrian national service at 85 organizations in 35 countries worldwide in the sectors Holocaust Memorial Service, Social Service and Peace Service. It was founded by Andreas Maislinger and Andreas Hörtnaglin 1998 and is based in Innsbruck.

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