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    Stephen Joshua Sondheim (/ ˈ s ɒ n d h aɪ m /; born March 22, 1930) is an American composer and lyricist known for his work in musical theatre.. One of the most important figures in 20th-century theatre, Sondheim has been praised for having “reinvented the American musical" with shows that tackle "unexpected themes that range far beyond the [genre's] traditional subjects" with "music and ...

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    Stephen Sondheim, Soundtrack: Dick Tracy. He did his pre college training at George School, Newtown then was in a class of 50 at Williams College majoring in music as an undergraduate distinguishing himself by writing a book, lyrics and music for two college shows based on the adaption of 'Beggar on Horseback'.

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    Nov 23, 2015 · Stephen Joshua Sondheim was born on March 22, 1930, in New York City. His parents, Herbert and Janet (née Fox) Sondheim, worked in New York's garment industry; his father was a dress manufacturer ...

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    Stephen Sondheim was the Turner Classic Movies programmer for March 22, 2005, the cable network's way of honoring him on his 75th birthday. The six films he picked for his birthday tribute were The Mind Reader (1933), starring the under-appreciated Warren William as a con-man posing as a clairvoyant; The Clock (1945), Vincente Minnelli's classic film of war-time love, starring Judy Garland ...

    • Stephen Joshua Sondheim
    • 5' 8" (1.73 m)
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    Jul 23, 2021 · Stephen Sondheim was born in New York on 22 March 1930, and is widely acknowledged as the most innovative, most influential and most important composer and lyricist in modern Broadway history. . For more than 50 years, he has set an unsurpassed standard of brilliance and artistic integrity in the musical theatre.

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    Mar 22, 2011 · Stephen Sondheim, in full Stephen Joshua Sondheim, (born March 22, 1930, New York City, New York, U.S.), American composer and lyricist whose brilliance in matching words and music in dramatic situations broke new ground for Broadway musical theatre. Precocious as a child, Sondheim showed an early musical aptitude among other wide-ranging ...

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    Stephen Sondheim Stephen Joshua Sondheim was born on March 22, 1930, in New York City. His parents worked in the fashion industry: His father was a dress manufacturer; his mother was a designer. Sondheim showed early musical aptitude — playing piano at a young age — but his parents were largely distracted, his father by […]

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    A tribute to composer/songwriter Stephen Sondheim, featuring songs from his Broadway productions. Directors: Don Roy King, Eric D. Schaeffer | Stars: Carol Burnett, George Hearn, Ruthie Henshall, John Barrowman. Votes: 252

  9. The Top 10 Songs by Stephen Sondheim | Playbill › article › the-top-10-songs-by
    • Ben Rimalower
    • "Send In The Clowns" I hesitated to include "Send In The Clowns" at all, let alone as the #1 Sondheim song, but ultimately I'm paying homage to the fact that on a list of Sondheim songs that work out of context, you can't argue with the track record of "Send In The Clowns."
    • "Broadway Baby" "Broadway Baby" is so irresistibly tuneful and fetchingly witty, the first time you hear it, you swear you've known it all your life.
    • "Not While I'm Around" "Not While I'm Around" is so sweet and so seemingly simple, it's easy to forget its origins. When Toby sings to Mrs. Lovett of demons prowling everywhere nowadays, he means specifically today, like Sweeney Todd upstairs slitting people's throats.
    • "Not A Day Goes By" Sondheim's songs are so compelling that I find myself thinking of him, the artist behind the song, much the way one does with popular singer-songwriters and rock/pop stars.
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