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    Swietopelk was the son of the Pomeranian duke Mestwin I and his wife Swinisława. His father had ruled over Eastern Pomerania (or Pomerelia) since about 1205 by appointment of the Polish high duke Władysław III Spindleshanks. In 1216 or 1217 his son Swietopelk was made a steward over Pomerelia by High Duke Leszek I the White of Kraków. He ...

    • c. 1195
    • Swinisława
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    You may also be looking for Swietopelk II, Duke of Pomerania. Swietopelk I (Polish: Świętopełk, also referred to as Swantopolk I), (born around 1080, died before 1148) sometimes called "Swietopelk of Nakło" (Polish: Świętopełk Nakielski) to distinguish him from other rulers of the same name, was one of the first known Dukes of Pomerania; in the years 1109/13 to 1121 he ruled over Pomerelia.

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    Swietopelk II, also Zwantepolc II or Swantopolk II, (1190/1200 – 11 January 1266), sometimes known as the Great (Polish: Świętopełk II Wielki; Kashubian: Swiãtopôłk II Wiôldżi), was ruling Duke of Pomerelia-Gdańsk from 1215 until his death. He was the first member of the Samborides to style himself dux from 1227 onwards.

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    Mestwin II and Przemysl II, new duke of Greater Poland and future king of Poland, concluded the Treaty of Kępno in 1282 that was at first kept secret. The treaty, confirmed by magnates and nobles of both duchies, made both Mestwin and Przemysł II either a successor per donatio inter vivos or successor in all his possessions.

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    Genealogy for duke of Pomerania Swantepolk II 'the Great' de Gdańsk, II, Duke of Pomerania (1182 - 1266) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surnames

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    Swietopelk II Monument is a fantastic monument to one of the most charismatic figures in Gdansks history. The Duke Of Pomerelia from 1215 till his death in 1266 he was known simply as The Great. The statue looks amazing,it's well detailed and makes for some great photographic …

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    Swantopolk II, also Zwantepolc II or Swietopelk II, (1190/1200 – January 11, 1266), sometimes known as the Great (Polish: Świętopełk II Wielki), was Duke of Pomerelia-Gdańsk (Danzig) from 1215 until his death. He was a son of Mestwin I and a member of the Samborides.

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    • Dukes of The Slavic Pomeranian Tribes
    • Duchy of Pomerania
    • Principality of Rugia
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    The lands of Pomerania were firstly ruled by local tribes, who settled in Pomerania around the 10th and 11th centuries.

    The Duchy resulted from the partition of Świętobor, Duke of Pomerania, in which his son Wartislaw inherited the lands that would become in fact known as Pomerania.

    1168–1325 feudal fief of Denmark under local rulers: 1. 1162–1170 Tezlaw 2. 1170–1217 Jaromar I 3. 1218–1249 Wizlaw I 4. 1249–1260 Jaromar II 5. 1260–1302 Wizlaw II 6. 1303–1325 Wizlaw III From 1325 Pomerania-Wolgast or -Barth: 1. 1325–1326 Wartislaw IV 2. 1326–1368 Bogislaw V, Wartislaw V, Barnim IV 3. 1368–1372 Wartislaw VI, Bogislaw VI 4. 1372–1394 Wartislaw VI 5. 1394–1415 Wartislaw VIII 6. 1415–1432/36 Swantibor II 7. 1432/36–1451 Barnim VIII 8. 1451–1457 Wartislaw IX 9. 1457–1478 Wartislaw X from 1474 part of Pomerania-Wolgast

    In 1155, the lands who belonged to Świętopełk I became independent under Sobieslaw I, a possible descendant, who founded the House of Sambor and the Duchy of Pomerelia. The dukes of Pomerelia were using the Latin title dux Pomeraniae ("Duke of Pomerania") or dux Pomeranorum("Duke of the Pomeranians").

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    Map of Pomerania and Pomerelia as part of the Hohenstaufen Holy Roman Empire1138–1254.
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    Świętopełk II sa Pomerania; Swiãtopôłk II; Òlëwa; List of Pomeranian duchies and dukes; Swietopelk II, Duke of Pomerania; Sławno; Świętopełk II de Poméranie; シフィエントペウク2世; ポンメルン公の一覧; ...

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    Casimir VI, Duke of Pomerania. Duke Casimir VI of Pomerania (or, counting differently: Casimir IX; 22 March 1557, Wolgast – 10 May 1605 on Neuhausen Palace, near Rügenwalde (renamed as Darłowo in 1946) was a non-reigning duke of Pomerania from the House of Griffins and a Lutheran Administrator of the Prince-Bishopric of Cammin, named ...