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    He appears as an obese man with pale blonde hair. His body armor is decorated with circular lines emanating from his stomach and shoulders. He has four dark teardrop marks on each cheek, and one on the bottom of his belly with his armor hanging down from his nipples.The chains of his body armor are located on his nipples.

    Bleach: The Hell Verse

    After Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends analyze the Reiatsu left behind from the incident at Karakura High School earlier, Taikon uses a pink energy blast to destroy his classroom. As Ichigo and Uryū Ishida check on their friends, Taikon lunges down at Ichigo from above, attacking with a blade formed from pink Reishi. Taikon readily identifies Ichigo, much to his surprise. Ichigo knocks him back, attacking with a Getsuga Tenshō, but Taikon is able to dispel it with ease. Yasutora Sado charges a...

    Cloak and Mask: When venturing outside of Hell, Taikon wears a black cloak and mask to completely cover his own appearance, to prevent the ever watchful Kushanādafrom noticing his temporary escape....

    Enhanced Speed: Despite his obese appearance, Taikon is capable of moving at high speeds. Energy Blasts: He has demonstrated the ability to release an energy blast that was able to push back Aaroniero Arruruerie, an Espada, in his Resurrecciónform. Enhanced Durability: Taikon demonstrated an enhanced level of durability, as shown when he was able to take on Ichigo Kurosaki's Getsuga Tenshōand emerge unscathed from the attack. Reishi Absorption: Taikon has the unique ability to absorb Reishi from enemy attacks into a giant pair of lips which appear on his body. Once absorbed, Taikon can release the Reishi into a concentrated attack with a "kiss", in the form of a purple energy blast, which leaves an impact on the ground in the shape of a heart. Taikon can also use this ability to absorb an enemy's weapon, as was the case with Kokutō's blade.

    (To Uryū Ishida) "Thanks for the meal!"
    (To Uryu) "Let me give you the kiss of death."
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  1. Taikon (2015) - IMDb

    Oct 02, 2015 · Directed by Lawen Mohtadi, Gellert Tamas. With Rosa Taikon. Documentary about the Life of romani writer and activist Katarina Taicon. The documentary tells the story of how Katarina Taicon became a leading voice when the Romani people in Sweden fought for their civil rights and how she influenced an entire generation of kids with her books about young romani girl Katitzi.

    • (134)
    • Rosa Taikon
    • Lawen Mohtadi, Gellert Tamas
  2. Katarina Taikon - Wikipedia

    Katarina Taikon-Langhammer (29 July 1932, in Almby, Örebro – 30 December 1995, in Ytterhogdal, Hälsingland, Sweden) was a Swedish Romany activist, leader in the civil rights movement, writer and actor, from the Kalderash caste. She was the sister of Rosa Taikon.

  3. Taikon -

    Katarina Taikon has been compared to Martin Luther King. She was born in a tent, and came to change the course of Swedish history. The story about the young girl who was denied education, learned to read in her late twenties, and later became one of the most read authors of children’s books in Sweden, is also an account of the emergence of the modern Swedish welfare society – and the one ...

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    TaiKon offers qualitative basic education in arts in Vaasa to children and youngsters. The hobby gives children and youngsters a good time together with friends and experience through art. The teaching is intended for 4-18 year olds and is held at their spare time.

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  7. Rosa Taikon - Wikipedia

    Rosa Taikon (30 July 1926 - 1 June 2017) was a Swedish Romani silversmith and actress from the Kalderash caste. She is the sister of Katarina Taikon.. Her silver jewelry has been exhibited in many galleries and museums such as the National Museum of Fine Arts and Röhsska Museum

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