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    The population of Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, is approximately 23.57 million, spread across a total land area of about 36,000 km 2; it is the seventeenth most densely populated country in the world, with a population density of about 651 inhabitants per square kilometer.

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    Taiwan (/ˈtaɪˈwɑːn/ ty-wahn muChiChinese: 臺灣, 台灣: Táiwān) inyika iri muAsia. Guta guru racho iTaipei. Nyika iyi ine miganhu neChina, Japan ne ...

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    Ang Taiwan, dating tinatawag na Formosa, ay isang islang hugis-mani. Ito’y nasa hilaga ng pilipinas at nasa kanluran ng baybayin ng Dagat Luzon . Dalawang hanay ng mga bundok ang nasa silangang baybayin,ang mga ito’y dahan-dahang dumadalisdis sa baybaying kanluranin na tilabai-baytang na mga lupang lambak.

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    La lengua oficial es el chino mandarín, la más hablada de las lenguas siníticas; sin embargo la mayoría de los taiwaneses hablan además hokkien taiwanés, también llamado taiwanés, que es una variante del min nan, lengua sinítica hablada en la provincia de Fujian, que está situada en la costa china frente a Taiwan; esta lengua a su vez ...

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    The term "Taiwan, (Province of) China" is an aa potentially ambiguous acause baith the ROC and the PRC each haes administratively a "Taiwan Province", Taiwan Province, Republic of China and "Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China", and neither of thir provinces covers the Matsu Islands, Wuchiu, Kinmen, the Pratas Islands and Itu Aba, aw of ...

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    Territory. The territory the Republic of China (ROC) controls is known by most people as the island of Taiwan.Most places on Taiwan Island are called "Taiwan Province" by the government of the Republic of China for official business, except the two largest cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung.

  7. China and Taiwan clash over Wikipedia edits - BBC News › news › technology-49921173

    Oct 04, 2019 · The edit war over Taiwan was only one of a number that had broken out across Wikipedia's vast, multi-lingual expanse of entries. The Hong Kong protests page had seen 65 changes in the space of a ...

  8. Wikimedia Taiwan - Meta › wiki › Wikimedia_Taiwan

    Apr 08, 2021 · Wikimedia Taiwan, is the local Wikimedia chapter in Taiwan, Republic of China. The organization was founded on February 11, 2007 in Taipei and was recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation on July 4, 2007.

  9. Is Taiwan Considered a Country? - ThoughtCo › is-taiwan-a-country-1435437

    Jul 11, 2019 · Taiwan's main threat is from mainland China, which has approved an anti-secession law that allows a military attack on Taiwan to prevent the island from seeking independence. Additionally, the United States sells Taiwan military equipment and may defend Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act.

  10. Is Taiwan part of or separate from China? - Quora › Is-Taiwan-part-of-or-separate-from

    The recent Hong Kong issue reminds many people of the relationship between the mainland and Taiwan. Many people are confused about it. Why is the mainland so stubborn to recover Taiwan?