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  1. Jun 30, 2020 · Tartarus was both a primordial god of the ancient Greek religion and a physical realm. The Greeks believed that Tartarus existed as an inverted dome beneath the earth, just as the heavens formed a dome above the earth. As a god Tartarus was not a major figure. He served as a personification of his realm.

  2. Mar 9, 2023 · Tartarus, a dark primordial landscape below the earth and even Hades, was the home of a handful of sinners and hated enemies of the gods. Zeus, for example, cast his defeated foes into Tartarus—first Cronus and the Titans, and later the monster Typhoeus (Tartarus’ own son, perversely enough).

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    What is the Trojan Horse? Tartarus as a Place As a place, it was far below than where Hades resided and it was used as the most horrible prison. Some accounts say that the distance between Tartarus and Hades was the same as between the earth and the heaven.

  4. Sep 4, 2022 · Tartarus is a misty abyss, a pit that is found at the lowest point of the universe. It is described as being a dank place, full of decay and a gloomy prison that even the gods feared. A home for the most frightening monsters in Greek mythology.

  5. Jun 11, 2018 · Tartarus was the son of Aether and Hemera who descended from Chaos. Chaos was known in ancient Greek as the first god. As a deity, Tartarus is affiliated with his sister, Gaia who was the earth deity. The two were linked to some of the most evil creatures that existed in ancient Greek.

  6. TARTAROS (Tartarus) was the great pit beneath the earth in the oldest of the Greek cosmogonies. The universe was envisaged as great sphere--or egg-shaped ovoid--with the solid dome of the sky forming the upper half and the inverse dome of the pit of Tartaros the lower.

  7. In Greek mythology, the name Tartarus is one normally associated with a region of the Greek Underworld, sitting alongside the Elysian Fields and the Asphodel Meadows. This region of the Underworld is one associated with eternal punishment, but in Greek mythology, Tartarus was also the name of a primordial god. The Protogenoi Tartarus

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