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  1. The Addams Family is not your typical family: it takes delight in most of the things of which normal people would be terrified. Gomez Adams is an extremely wealthy man and is able to indulge his wife Morticia's every desire, whether it's cultivation of poisonous plants or a candlelit dinner in a graveyard.

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  2. In 2010, after acquiring the rights to the Addams Family comics, the film originally began production at Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment as a stop-motion animated film directed by Tim Burton and produced by Chris Meledandri.
    However, in 2013, it was announced that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer would produce an animated film based on the Addams Family comics, with Pamela Pettler writing the screenplay.

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    Migos, rapper Snoop Dogg and Colombian Reggaeton superstar Karol G sing the theme song of the movie called “Family”.

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    Nov 22, 1991 · The Addams Family steps out of Charles Addams ' cartoons. They live with all of the trappings of the macabre (including a detached hand for a servant) and are quite wealthy. Added to this mix is a crooked accountant and his loan shark and a plot to slip the shark's son into the family as their long-lost Uncle Fester.

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  4. The Addams Family - Wikipedia

    The Addams Family is a fictional household created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938. The Addams Family originally included Gomez and Morticia Addams, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, close family members Uncle Fester and Grandmama, their butler Lurch, and Pugsley's pet octopus Aristotle.

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  5. The Addams Family (1964 TV series) - Wikipedia

    The Addams Family is an American macabre / black comedy sitcom based on the characters from Charles Addams ' New Yorker cartoons. The 30-minute television series was created by David Levy and Donald Saltzman and shot in black-and-white, airing for two seasons on ABC from September 18, 1964, to April 8, 1966, for a total of 64 episodes.

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    NOW PLAYING. Get Tickets Now - Get ready to snap your fingers! The first family of Halloween, the Addams Family, is back on t...

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    Addams's original cartoons were one-panel gags. The characters were undeveloped and unnamed until later versions.The family appears to be a single surviving branch of the Addams clan. Many other \\"Addams families\\" exist all over the world. According to the film version, the family credo is, Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc (pseudo-Latin: \\"We gladly feast on those who would subdue us\\"). Charles Addams was first inspired by his home town of Westfield, New Jersey, an area full of ornate Victo...

    Gomez Addams was the master of the Addams household and the Addams patriarch, married to Morticia and the father of Wednesday and Pugsley. In the 60's sitcom, he was Grandmama's son, but this was retconned in the 1991 film, and he became Grandmama's son-in-law instead, staying true to the comics. Also retconned in the films, he became the younger brother of Fester instead of his nephew-in-law. In the original cartoons in the New Yorker, he appeared tubby, snub-nosed and with a receding chin.I...

    In 1964, the ABC-TV network created The Addams Family television series based on Addams's cartoon characters. The series was shot in black-and-white and aired for two seasons in 64 half-hour episodes (18 September 1964 – 2 September 1966). During the original television run of the series, The New Yorker editor William Shawn refused to publish any Addams Family cartoons, though he continued to publish other Charles Addams cartoons. Shawn regarded his magazine as targeting a more refined reader...

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  9. The Addams Family (1991 film) - Wikipedia
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    The Addams Family is a 1991 American supernatural black comedy film based on the characters from the cartoon created by cartoonist Charles Addams and the 1964 TV series produced by David Levy. Directed by former cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld in his screen directing debut, the film stars Anjelica Huston, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance as Morticia Addams, Raul Julia as Gomez Addams, and Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester. The film focuses on a bizarre, macabre, aristocr

    Gomez Addams laments the 25-year absence of his brother Fester, who disappeared after the two had a falling-out. Gomez's lawyer Tully Alford owes money to loan shark/con artist Abigail Craven, and notices that her adopted son Gordon closely resembles Fester. Tully proposes that Gordon pose as Fester to infiltrate the Addams household and find the hidden vault where they keep their vast riches. Tully and his wife Margaret attend a séance at the Addams home led by Grandmama in which the ...

    Barry Sonnenfeld makes an uncredited cameo as a passenger on Gomez's train.

    Scott Rudin, a development executive at 20th Century Fox, pitched to the studio an adaptation of Charles Addams' The Addams Family comic strips, and the studio enthusiastically agreed that the comics would make a good film, and set out to purchase the rights. However, Fox would u

    Anjelica Huston said she based aspects of her performance on her friend Jerry Hall to give the character more warmth. Huston said she would have expected the role to go to Cher but was a longtime fan of Morticia.

    Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson wrote the first draft of the screenplay, which was extensively rewritten later by other writers, including Paul Rudnick, who later wrote Addams Family Values. In a 2012 interview, Sonnenfeld stated that he originally intended that it be unclear

    Another obstacle in releasing the film occurred when, as the studios prepared the film for release, David Levy, the producer of the 1964 Addams Family TV series, filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures, claiming that the film infringed on his property rights. The suit was eventually settled out of court, after the film's release, due to Paramount wanting to quickly film a sequel due to the film's success.

    While The Addams Family was a box office hit, it received mixed reviews. On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film received an approval rating of 64% based on 47 reviews, with an average rating of 5.78/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "The movie is pepper

    The Addams Family was awarded Best Horror Film of the Year in 1991 by the Horror Hall of Fame. Carel Struycken appeared at the award ceremony to receive the award on behalf of the cast. Huston was nominated for the 1992 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture ...

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  11. Based on the famous New Yorker creations of Charles Addams, this animated action-comedy will follow the Addams family whose lives begin to unravel when they face-off against a crafty reality-TV host while also preparing for their extended family to arrive for a major celebration, Addams-style.

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