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  1. The Hive (2014) - IMDb

    Sep 28, 2015 · The Hive ( 2014) The Hive. R | 1h 33min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 28 September 2015 (UK) A young man suffering from amnesia must dig deep into the far reaches of his mind to remember who he is and save the love of his life before a virus that has infected him takes over.

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    • David Yarovesky
    • R
  2. The Hive (TV Movie 2008) - IMDb

    Feb 17, 2008 · The Hive. Not Rated | 1h 30min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | TV Movie 17 February 2008. When ants, displaying never-before-seen behavior, seize an island, the controversial Thorax Team is called to stop the massive threat only to discover that the ants are controlled by something beyond this world.

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    • Peter Manus
    • Not Rated
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    • The Hive
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    The Hive. (156) IMDb 5.2 1h 33min 2015 16+. The producer of Scream welcomes you to Camp Yellow Jacket, where camp counselor Adam must piece together how he survived a mysterious outbreak... and how he and his campers will survive the counselors that didn't.

  5. Watch The Hive | Prime Video

    A "Memento" style movie is either a big hit or a miss and this movie was a great mess. It was at it's best when it was just trying to be scary. I tried to go on the same journey as the main character, but I felt left out out of his experience. Half way thourgh the movie I figured out what he was trying to accomplish, but by then I didn't care.

  6. Hive Trailer: Blerta Basholli’s Sundance World Premiere Debut ...

    Jan 11, 2021 · One of the films to look out for in the World Cinema section of the Dramatic competition is “Hive,” the debut film from Kosovo-born filmmaker Blerta Basholli. Inspired by a true story, “Hive ...

    • Ryan Lattanzio
  7. The Hive (2014 film) - Wikipedia

    The Hive is a 2014 American science fiction horror film co-written and directed by David Yarovesky. The film was released in a limited release on September 14, 2015, by Nerdist Industries . [1]

    • Anthony B. Willis
    • September 19, 2014 (Fantastic Fest), September 14, 2015 (United States)
  8. The Hive film review: A pointless twist on a tired formula | RSC

    May 18, 2019 · The Hive does one special thing to the zombie formula. When Adam (Gabriel Basso) starts to remember his life, he says, “I must be an a**hole.”. Detaching yourself from your experiences and judging them as an outsider is the core of any good amnesia story; it’s how director David Yarovesky takes a good look at his genre too.

  9. The Hive. A mass of flesh-eating army ants 200 million strong is making its way through the jungles of Brazil devouring every living thing in its path. Called in to stave off the attack are Horace Lennart, a scientist from Thorax Industries extermination service in Los Angeles, and his girlfriend, entomologist Claire Dubois.

    • Peter Manus
    • Tom Wopat
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