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  1. 5 days ago · In the episode, Astra is hit with a string of bad luck, with everything going wrong that can. She's also broke, and the house is in disrepair -- and John is off with the Legends, and can't be ...

    • Russ Burlingame
  2. The Trump administration forced Apple to secretly reveal at ... › 2021/6/10 › 22528853

    1 day ago · The NYT is reporting that Trump didn’t stop at journalists — in 2017 and 2018, it forced Apple to cough up metadata on at least two Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee.

  3. Jun 08, 2021 · Epstein filled his house with erotic art and displayed a copy of Nabokov’s Lolita and a book by the Marquis de Sade on his desk. Wexner was a press-shy billionaire who literally built his own ...

  4. Michael Douglas Says He Was Mistaken for Being His Daughter ... › michael-douglas-says-he-was

    2 days ago · Michael Douglas had an awkward experience at his daughter's graduation. The 76-year-old actor recently stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and opened up about being mistaken for his 18-year-old ...

  5. The Best Hamptons Hotel Restaurants - Eater NY › maps › hamptons-hotel-resturants-nyc

    4 days ago · There is a buzzing bar scene downstairs, and the 19 rooms upstairs in the house, first built around 1700, are in the process of being updated. Open in Google Maps 8.

  6. Oregon House expels GOP lawmaker who let far-right rioters ... › nation › 2021/06/11

    1 day ago · The office of Oregon Rep. Mike Nearman in the state Capitol in Salem. The Oregon House voted to expel Nearman, making him the first lawmaker to be ousted from the state's legislature.

  7. House takes aim at Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google with ... › antitrust-bills-house-big-tech

    19 hours ago · The bills have only just been introduced in the House, and there is a long road ahead before they could ultimately pass. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of the bills and what they mean.

  8. Lil Baby and Lil Durk's 'The Voice of the Heroes' - Rolling Stone › music › music-album-reviews

    2 days ago · Given how much music both men produce – Lil Durk has dropped four projects in the past 13 months, while Lil Baby is a bit more selective – the inclination may be to bop The Voice of the Heroes ...

  9. 6 days ago · Army of the Dead is Zack Snyder's newest zombie flick that's available to watch in select theatres as well as on Netflix. The movie has a big cast led by Dave Bautista, but the wrestler-turned ...

  10. Palace intrigue as the House of Marcos eyes the House of ... › Opinion › Palace-intrigue-as-the

    Jun 07, 2021 · Instead, surveys suggest that the two leading candidates for the country's highest office are the scions of the House of Duterte and House of Marcos, setting the stage for a potentially epic showdown.

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