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  1. The Milky Way

    The Milky Way

    2014 · Documentary · 1h 33m

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  1. Nov 8, 2017 · Like early explorers mapping the continents of our globe, astronomers are busy charting the spiral structure of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Using infrared images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that the Milky Way's elegant spiral structure is dominated by just two arms wrapping off the ends of a central bar of stars.

  2. Jan 1, 2024 · Astronomy Essentials. What is the Milky Way? It’s our home galaxy. Posted by. Andy Briggs. January 1, 2024. View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Amr Abdulwahab captured this image of the...

  3. Sep 23, 2021 · The Milky Way is a large barred spiral galaxy. All the stars we see in the night sky are in our own Milky Way Galaxy. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way because it appears as a milky band of light in the sky when you see it in a really dark area. Tell me more about galaxies.

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    The Milky Way - NASA. News & Articles. See All News. Article. 5 Min Read. NASA’s Roman Team Selects Survey to Map Our Galaxy’s Far Side. Article. 6 Min Read. NASA Telescopes Find New Clues About Mysterious Deep Space Signals. Article. 4 Min Read. NASA’s Webb Reveals New Features in Heart of Milky Way. Article. 4 Min Read.

  5. Milky Way Galaxy - Structure, Dynamics, Stars | Britannica. Contents. Home Science Astronomy. The structure and dynamics of the Milky Way Galaxy. Size. The first reliable measurement of the size of the Galaxy was made in 1917 by American astronomer Harlow Shapley.

  6. The Milky Way began as a series of dense regions in the early universe not long after the Big Bang. The first stars to form were in globular clusters that still exist. They are among the oldest stars formed in the Milky Way region. The Milky Way has grown by merging with other galaxies through time.

  7. Milky Way Galaxy, Large spiral galaxy (roughly 150,000 light-years in diameter) that contains Earth’s solar system. It includes the multitude of stars whose light is seen as the Milky Way, the irregular luminous band that encircles the sky, defining the plane of the galactic disk.

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