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  1. Jan 29, 1976 · Kermit the Frog and his fellow Muppets put on a vaudeville show at their theatre, bringing in a famous celebrity to help out for each episode.

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  2. The Muppet Show - Wikipedia

    The Muppet Theater is the setting for The Muppet Show, a grand old vaudeville house that has seen better days. In episode 106, Kermit identifies the name of the theatre as The Benny Vandergast Memorial Theater, although other episodes merely identify it as "the Muppet Theater".

    • 5 September 1976 –, 23 May 1981
    • ITV (UK), CBS (US)
  3. The Muppets (TV series) - Wikipedia

    The Muppets (stylized as the muppets.) is an American sitcom that originally aired on ABC from September 22, 2015 to March 1, 2016.

    • The Muppet Show: Beaker - "Feelings" (Mee-Mee)
    • The Muppet Show. Animal, Carol Burnett's Dance Partner (ep.515)
    • Original Theme Song | The Muppet Show | Disney+
    • Most sensational: The 5 episodes to watch when The Muppet Show comes to Disney+
      Most sensational: The 5 episodes to watch when The Muppet Show comes to Disney+
  4. The Muppet Show: Season 1: Jim Henson, Frank Oz ...

    The charm, the zaniness, the corny jokes, the showbiz cliches--every element of The Muppet Show holds up 30 years after Jim Henson's legendary variety series' debut season. Well, perhaps not everything: Today's younger viewers might have a hard time placing some of The Muppet Show 's then-guest stars, such as Florence Henderson or Ruth Buzzi.

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  5. The Muppet Show: Seasons 1-3: Movies & TV

    Movies & TV New Releases Best Sellers Deals Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD TV Shows Kids & Family ... Best of the Muppet Show: Vol. 4 (Peter Sellers / John Cleese / Dudley Moore

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  7. The Muppet Show | Muppet Wiki | Fandom
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    Kermit the Frog serves as the host of The Muppet Show, and was also the director and general overseer of the performances, assisted by Scooter, the gofer who only got his job because his uncle, J. P. Grosse, owned the theater. The show's orchestra was conducted by Nigel, and musical acts ranged from solo musicians such as Rowlf the Dog to the show's main rock and roll band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.Because it was a puppet show, The Muppet Show had the advantage of being able to inclu...

    Some of the more popular comedic bits from the show include: 1. At the Dance - A group of Muppets (some regulars, some not) dance to ballroom music while cracking puns and one-liners. 1. Muppet Labs - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew pushed the cutting edge of science with his bizarre inventions, which somehow inevitably caused horrible things to happen to his assistant, Beaker. 1. Muppet News Flash - The Newsman would report breaking news happening in the Muppet Theater or elsewhere in the Muppet univers...

    In keeping with the TV variety show format, each episode showcased a celebrity guest star or duo, who were the only humans to appear on the show. As noted in Jim Henson: The Works, \\"From Jim's point of view, this would help provide a bridge between the Muppet world and the audience. From ITC's point of view, it would make the show easier to promote.\\" In the first season, Kermit introduced them at the start of the theme song and in a lyric after a joke by Fozzie. From the second season onward,...

    The Muppet Show had a number of short segments and musical acts, along with backstage scenes which usually made up the show's plots. While the plots often occurred backstage, with a random variety of sketches thrown in, there were also many themed shows, especially in the last season. Such themes included a horror-themed show (when horror stars Vincent Price or Alice Cooper appeared on the show), an evening of Paul Simon songs (when Paul Simon guest starred), a salute to vaudeville (when Wall...

    Jack Burns was the head writer during the first season and most of the humor during that season was gag-based. Many recurring sketches, including At the Dance, Veterinarian's Hospital, The Talking Houses, Blackouts, and Fozzie's Monologues, focused heavily on jokes. After the first season, the talking houses and blackouts were dropped, while At the Dance and Fozzie's monologues were both featured less often, or tied to a specific gimmick or theme. Many of the backstage plots during the first...

    While Jim Henson had been pleased with the success of Sesame Street, that show had branded the Muppets as a \\"kids' act.\\" Henson was interested in creating a show that would provide entertainment across all age groups.Henson auditioned his characters and his concept for the show many times to the major television networks, even filming a pitch reel for CBS. By 1973, ABC had ordered two prospective pilots for a potential series: The Muppets Valentine Show and The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence....

    The popularity of the series led to many Muppet specials, movies, albums, and merchandise, both during and after the show's run. The show was popular not only in North America and the United Kingdom but all over the world, so there have been many Muppet products that were not available for sale in the U.S. and/or U.K. During the show's run there were a number of toys produced, including hand puppets and plush toys released by Fisher Price. There were many Muppet Show albums featuring songs fr...

    The first country to air the series was England as produced by ATV for the ITV networks. At the time, there was no complete networking of the independent networks, and as such the different regional channels did not all air the show on the same day or time. Not all regions aired every episode -- for example, LWT (London Weekend Television, the franchise that covered the Greater London and Home Counties areas during the weekends) only aired 23 of the 24 episodes recorded as part of the first s...

    Reruns of The Muppet Show aired in syndication for many years, eventually moving to the TNT cable station from 1988 to 1992. From 1994 to 1995, reruns began airing on the Nickelodeon cable station instead. In 1999, the reruns moved to the partly Henson-owned Odyssey Channel. When Odyssey became Hallmark Channel, the Henson shows were taken off the schedule.Reruns still sometimes air in countries outside of the United States, though, often packaged with the MuppetTelevision segments of The Jim...

    1. Videotapes of The Muppet Show were sent to scientists manning the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. 2. In a 1979 episode of Sesame Street, Telly Monster names TV programs that start with the letter M. Listed among them is The Muppet Show. 3. In 2005, the show ranked 2nd place in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Kid's TV Shows vote.

    In the '80s and '90s, compilation videos featuring the most memorable sketches and songs from The Muppet Show were released by Playhouse Video. These compilations featured many sketches, including UK Spots, with new wraparounds of the Muppet characters.During the late '80s, a video label in Argentina called Ledafilms, released at least three volumes with full-length, Spanish-dubbed episodes of The Muppet Show entitled En El Show De Los Muppets (literally: In the Show of The Muppets) and Muppe...

    1. Directors: Peter Harris, Philip Casson 2. Writers: Jerry Juhl, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jack Burns (season 1), Marc London (season 1), Joseph A. Bailey (season 2), David Odell (seasons 3-5), Chris Langham (seasons 3-5), Don Hinkley, Jim Thurman (select season 4 episodes) 3. Puppeteers: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Dave Goelz, Eren Ozker (season 1), John Lovelady (season 1), Louise Gold (seasons 2-5), Steve Whitmire (seasons 3-5), Kathryn Mullen (seasons 3-5), Brian Muehl...

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