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  1. The Storyteller (2018) - IMDb

    Sep 21, 2018 · The love of an enchanted young girl brings wonder and healing to a broken family. On the run from her mysterious past and guided by a fairy that only she can see, Abby sparks a daisy chain of compassion, bringing joy and music back into the family. 'The Storyteller' is a powerful exploration of reality and the true meaning of family.

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    • Joe Crump
    • G
    • 2 min
  2. Apr 28, 1989 · A storyteller must spin tales to stay alive. A woman bears a hedgehog-child who grows up to live alone in a castle until he does a King a favor and gets the Princess' hand in return. A Princess must keep silent while she works to free her brothers from an evil spell.

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    • TV-Y7
  3. The Storyteller: Picoult, Jodi: 9781439102770: Books

    The Storyteller Damian held his hand high, as his soldiers laughed behind him. I tried to leap to reach the coins, but I couldn’t, and stumbled. Although it was only October, there was a hint of winter in the air, and my hands were numb with the cold.

    • (9.6K)
    • Jodi Picoult
    • Paperback
    • $14.26
  4. The Storyteller (2018) - Rotten Tomatoes

    While The Storyteller hardly breaks any new ground in its Peter Pan-inspired tale, it boasts an undeniable sweetness that proves appealing amidst so many frenetic kids movies. September 20, 2018 |...

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    • drama, fantasy
  5. The Storyteller - Kindle edition by Picoult, Jodi. Literature ...

    The Storyteller is one of those books that isn't easy to forget. It tell the story of Sage, who lives a lonely sheltered life after the death of her mother who discovers that one of the few people that she has allowed into her life claims to be a former high ranking SS official.

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  6. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult - Goodreads

    The first few chapters of The Storyteller introduce us to Sage Singer - a twenty-something baker who is struggling with scars both emotional and physical. Following an accident that maimed half her face, Sage suffers from very low self-esteem, lives and works like a recluse and settles for being some guy's mistress.

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    • 9781.4B
    • Hardcover
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  8. Jodi Picoult · The Storyteller (2013)

    About The Storyteller Sage Singer, a baker, and 90-year-old Josef Weber, are unlikely friends. Then Josef asks her for a favor - to help him die - because he used to be a Nazi. What he doesn't know is that Sage's grandmother is a Holocaust survivor.

  9. The Storyteller (TV series) - Wikipedia

    The StoryTeller is a British live-action / puppet television series that originally aired in 1987 and which was created and executively produced by Jim Henson. Reruns of The StoryTeller episodes were featured in some episodes of The Jim Henson Hour.

    • 9 (Original), 4 (Greek Myths)
    • TVS Television
    • 15 May 1987 –, 10 July 1988
    • Rachel Portman
  10. The Storyteller (Saki)--H. H. Munro (Saki) (1870-1916)

    The Storyteller (Saki) by H. H. Munro (Saki) (1870-1916) Approximate Word Count: 2109 I t was a hot afternoon, and the railway carriage was correspondingly sultry, and the next stop was at Templecombe, nearly an hour ahead.

  11. The Jim Henson Company | The Storyteller

    Aug 17, 2020 · The Storyteller Television | Series: 9 x 30' and 4 x 30' This anthology series features both human actors and creations from Jim Henson's Creature Shop in this retelling of classic folk tales, fables, and legends. The series stars John Hurt in the title role.

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