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  1. List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Date (CE) Claimant(s) Description Ref. 66–70 Simon bar Giora, Jewish Essenes: The Jewish Essene sect of ascetics saw the Jewish uprising against the Romans in 66–70 in Judea as the final end-time battle which would bring about the arrival of the Messiah.

  2. Right to Bear Arms – Will It Survive Current US Atmosphere ...

    1 day ago · Right to Bear Arms – Will It Survive Current US Atmosphere. By Jay Chambers. Publishers note: Please join me in welcoming Jay Chambers from as a new contributor to The Liberty Coalition Blog.

  3. Mahdi - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · In the same way that students enter Islam, so unbelievers will come to believe. [37] When the Mahdi appears, Allah will cause such power of vision and hearing to be manifested in believers that the Mahdi will call to the whole world from where he is, with no postman involved, and they will hear and even see him.

    • The Unbelievers | Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss | Full Documentary Film
    • THE UNBELIEVERS (2013) - Official Movie Trailer (Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss)
    • The Unbelievers - Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss | Full Documentary Film
    • THE UNBELIEVERS 2013 Official Movie Trailer Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss
  4. 4 Points on How to Draw Near to God – Christ of the Last Days ...

    1 day ago · The Bible says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). As Christians, only by drawing closer to God and having real interaction with God can we maintain a normal relationship with God and obtain the work of the Holy Spirit.


    1 day ago · Great to see God raising up young people who understand the purpose of the church is to make disciples who complete the Great Commission. Watch this young couple as they explain the 411 Discipleshi…

  6. 1 day ago · 4 Minute Read + Scripture readings Today’s Bible Reading: 2 Kings 51 Timothy 2Daniel 9Psalms 117-118 Today’s Bible Verse(s): Psalm 118:5–9 (CSB): “I called to the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me and put me in a spacious place.

  7. I have a question for born-again Christians.....? | Yahoo Answers

    1 day ago · How do you serve God, when you’re afraid? I have struggled with this issue for?a long time now. At one time, I got saved. But then I began to backslide, and ended up in a spiritual mess! It is always been an issue of being afraid of God’s will. I don’t know what he’s going to asked me to do, so I start to run away from him. What can I do to solve this problem? then ended up

  8. Praying Solah In A Moving Vehicle Or Plane - Islam for ...

    Today · Very soon they will tell you to kill unbelievers and you will do it to please your god right? 2 Likes Re: Praying Solah In A Moving Vehicle Or Plane by BrainRider : 11:56am On Oct 23

  9. Christians would you date and marry a Buddhist ? | Yahoo Answers

    Today · No. -----"Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

  10. Why Havent Security Agent Clashed With Suuni Muslims Who ...

    1 day ago · @Seun . And the Wahhabis/Salafists are the ones who regard Shia AKA Shi'ite Muslims as heretics, apostates or unbelievers, and deserve to be killed, just as they see and regard Christians as polyethists who should be killed too. Also, foreign influence contribute to the problem.

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