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  1. Theodora Manerola - Rodovid EN › wk › Person:543453

    birth: 5 December 1443, Albisola Superiore title: from 3 November 1483 - 20 September 1499, Bishop of Bologna title: from 1 November 1503 - 21 February 1513, Rome, Pope death: 21 February 1513, Rome

  2. Teodora Manerola - Historical records and family trees ... › names › teodora_manerola

    Teodora de la Rovere (born Manerola), 1422 - 1480 Teodora de la Rovere (born Manerola) 1422 1480 Teodora de la Rovere (born Manerola) was born in 1422, at birth place . Teodora married Raffaelo de la Rovere .

  3. Pedigree: Theodora MANEROLA (MARINOLA) › s001 › f343533

    aka Teodora MANIROLO Born: abt. 1425 Died: abt. 1480 HM Juan Carlos' 14-Great Grandmother. Philippe of Belgium's 15-Great Grandmother.

  4. GEDBAS: Theodora MANEROLA › person › show

    Theodora MANEROLA : Name Teodora MANIROLA: Events. Type Date Place Sources; birth 1425: death 1480: Parents. NN MANEROLA: Spouses and Children. Marriage Spouse ...

  5. Theodora Manerola Abt 1422 - Yes, date unknown Has no ancestors but more than 100 descendants in this family tree.

  6. Italian Renaissance Learning Resources - The National Gallery ... › units › unit-7

    He was born into a noble but impoverished family, the son of Raffaele della Rovere (d 1477) and Theodora Manerola. Following the example of his uncle Francesco della Rovere, he entered the Franciscan Order, and from 1468 he studied law at Perugia.

  7. Giuliano della Rovere (1443 - 1513) - Genealogy › people › Pope-Julius-II

    Dec 26, 2020 · There is disagreement about Julius' date of birth. Some sources put his birth as late as 1453. Giuliano della Rovere was the son of Rafaello della Rovere brother of Pope Sixtus IV and of Theodora Manerola, a lady of Greek extraction. Giuliano was an altar boy of his uncle Pope Sixtus IV (Francesco della Rovere).

  8. Too many Churches and not enough truth (Randy Bachmann,song ... › 2016/04/18 › too

    Apr 18, 2016 · Giuliano della Rovere was the son of Rafaello della Rovere (brother of Pope Sixtus IV) and of Theodora Manerola. He was sent to France in 1480 as a Papal envoy, where he remained four years, and acquitted himself with distinction, resulting in his increasing power and influence over the College of Cardinals .

  9. Pope Julius II - › wiki › Pope_Julius_II

    Rafaello della Rovere and Theodora Manerola: Children: Felice della Rovere: Previous post: Archbishop of Avignon (1474–1503) Cardinal-bishop of Sabina (1479–1483) Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals (1479) Cardinal-bishop of Ostia (1483–1503) Other popes named Julius

  10. Pope Julius II - Wikipedia › wiki › Pope_Julius_II

    Julius II became Pope in the context of the Italian Wars, a period in which the major powers of Europe fought for primacy in the Italian peninsula. Louis XII of France controlled the Duchy of Milan, previously held by the Sforzas, and French influence had replaced that of the Medici in the Republic of Florence.

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