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  1. Apr 26, 2012 · Join Thomas in an all-new movie with new fire fighting engine friends, Flynn and Belle, as they save Sodor Steamworks from the Diesels.

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  2. Day of the Diesels | Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia | Fandom
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    One day, Thomas is happily puffing along the tracks. That is, until he spots smoke in the sky ahead. He finds Percy already helping to fight a fire at a farmhouse, with the Fat Controller overseeing the effort to extinguish the blaze and starts to help fight the fire until Belle, the new fire locomotive arrives to save the day. After the fire is put out, Belle runs out of water and Thomas and Percy shunt her to the Steamworks. Once there, Belle is congratulated by the Fat Controller for her b...

    1. Thomas 2. Edward 3. Henry 4. Gordon 5. James 6. Percy 7. Toby 8. Emily 9. Stanley 10. Diesel 11. Mavis 12. 'Arry and Bert 13. Diesel 10 14. Salty 15. Victor 16. Rocky 17. Kevin 18. Cranky 19. Sir Topham Hatt 20. Lady Hatt 21. Dowager Hatt 22. Bridget Hatt 23. Farmer McColl 24. Bob 25. The Fireman 26. The Tree Specialists 27. Some Workmen 28. Rosie (cameo) 29. Hiro (cameo) 30. Charlie (cameo) 31. Harold (cameo) 32. Captain (cameo) 33. Big Mickey (cameo) 34. Jem Cole (cameo) 35. The Photogr...

    1. Sodor Bakery 2. The Fishing Village 3. Sir Topham Hatt's Shed 4. Sodor Steamworks 5. Victor's Shed 6. Tidmouth Sheds 7. Brendam Docks 8. Sodor Shipping Company 9. Knapford 10. Wellsworth 11. Vicarstown Junction 12. Vicarstown Dieselworks 13. Vicarstown Tunnel 14. Sodor Search and Rescue Centre 15. Ballahoo Town Bridge 16. Ballahoo 17. Henry's Tunnel 18. Kirk Ronan Junction 19. Woodland Track 20. The Works 21. Bluff's Cove (mentioned) 22. The Mainland (mentioned)

    1. Ben Small as Thomas and Toby 2. Keith Wickham as Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Salty, Den, Paxton, the Fat Controller and Dowager Hatt 3. Matt Wilkinson as Stanley, Diesel 10, Victor, Cranky, Rocky, Kevin and Farmer McColl 4. Teresa Gallagher as Emily, Belle, Mavis, Lady Hatt and Bridget Hatt 5. Kerry Shale as Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Sidney and Norman 6. Rupert Degas as Dart and Flynn

    1. Down at the Station - Diesel Engines 2. A Guide to Steamies and Diesels 3. Guess Who? - Belle and Flynn 4. Day of the Diesels karaoke song 5. Hear the Engines Coming karaoke song

    1. This was the only special to have Rupert Degas as part of the voice cast and the only special to have Ben Small as the voice of Stanley in the US narration. 2. The special was shown on PBS Sprout on the 24th August and 5th September 2011. It was also shown on Milkshake! during the 2011 Christmas series. It aired on PBS on 7th April 2012, on Nick Jr. in the UK on 3rd November 2012 and on TV 2 in Norway Boxing Day 2013, 28th December 2013, New Year's Day 2014 and Easter 2014. 3. In the Hulu...

    1. In the title sequence, Belle's valve gear is not shown. 2. In the opening scene of Thomas puffing down the tracks, there are no clouds in the sky as the first scene is cloudless, but just after puffing round the bend noticing the black smoke and just as he pulls up next to Percy to help fight the fire, clouds suddenly appear. 3. It is said that Thomas and Percy buffer up to Belle, but all three engines are on different tracks. 4. When Percy enters the Steamworks while Thomas and Belle are...

  3. Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels: Martin T ...

    Day of the Diesels explores what true friendship looks like and reaffirms the notion that only by working together and taking care of one another can Thomas and his fellow steam engines achieve their goal of being really useful, happy engines.

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  4. Significantly better version of this video:

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  5. Oh my Sodor! Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a little trouble going on! Sing along and get to know all the Diesel engines and why they made...

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    • Thomas & Friends
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  6. Thomas And Friends Day of The Diesels - YouTube

    The story DAY OF THE DIESELS

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    • Hiroki D Half Blood
  7. Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels (lost original cut of ...

    In September of 2011, Thomas & Friends released its fifth direct-to-DVD special called Day of the Diesels. The special revolves around Percy making friends with Diesel 10 and the other diesels after feeling ignored by his best friend Thomas. The special gained generally positive reviews from both critics and fans.

  8. Day of the Diesels/Gallery | Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia ...

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