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    Thomas-Alexandre Dumas

    French general

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  1. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas is a supporting character in the 2014 game Assassin's Creed Unity, an ally of the Assassin Order and acting as a mole for them against the Templar plot of the fictional General Marcourt.

  2. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (born March 25, 1762, Saint-Domingue [now Haiti]—died February 26, 1806, Villers-Cotterêts, France) French general during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Dumas’s mother, Marie-Cessette Dumas, was a Black enslaved woman.

  3. Birth and family. General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, father of Alexandre Dumas. Alexandre Dumas, engraving by Antoine Maurin. Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie (later known as Alexandre Dumas) was born in 1802 in Villers-Cotterêts in the department of Aisne, in Picardy, France.

  4. The life of France’s first Black general, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (father of the famed novelist Alexandre Dumas), brings us to Alpine ice cliffs and hostile Egyptian deserts, and features...

  5. Apr 2, 2014 · Thomas-Alexandre took the name Dumas when he enlisted in Napoleon's army, where he acquired the dubious nickname "Black Devil." Dumas' father, Thomas-Alexandre, rose to the rank of general...

  6. Sep 15, 2012 · He led armies of thousands in triumph through treacherous territory, from the snows of the Alps to the sands of Egypt, and his true life stories inspired his son, Alexandre Dumas, to write The...

  7. Dec 9, 2007 · Thomas-Alexandre Dumas was a mulatto born in the French colony of Saint Domingue ( Haiti ). He joined the French Army as a private and rose to the rank of a General during the French Revolution. Dumas is probably best known for fathering the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas (père).

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