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    Tiberius was born in Rome on 16 November 42 BC to Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. Both of his biological parents belonged to the gens Claudia, an ancient patrician family that came to prominence in the early years of the republic.

    • 17 September 14 – 16 March 37
    • Livia
  2. In 27 ce, at age 67, Tiberius left Rome to visit some of the southern parts of Italy. En route he paused to go to the island of Capri. His intention appears to have been only to stay for a time, but he never returned to Rome. It is the remaining decade or so of Tiberius’s life that has given rise to the legend of Tiberius the monster. It ...

  3. Tiberius Julius Caesar was the second Roman Emperor of ancient Roman Empire, who ruled from 14 to 37 CE. The emperor was adopted by Augustus Caesar (adopted son of Julius Caesar ), the first emperor. However, he didn’t follow his father’s ideas and projects, but rather was listening to his mother, Livia Drusilla.

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