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  1. Timothy Dean Sweeney (born 1970) is an American video game programmer and businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Epic Games , and the creator of the Unreal Engine , one of the most-used game development platforms.

    • Founder and CEO of Epic Games
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    Sep 19, 2023 · Tim Sweeney is cofounder and CEO of Cary, North Carolina game developer Epic Games. The private company is the maker of Fortnite, one of the world's most popular games, with over 400...

    • Tim Sweeney, 50, was born in 1970 and raised in Potomac, Maryland, with two older brothers. His father was a cartographer for the US government and his mother took care of Sweeney and his brothers.
    • When Sweeney was a preteen, he visited his eldest brother in San Diego, California, at a startup he was working at, which had an IBM computer. His brother taught him how to program on it, and Sweeney spent the rest of the rather impressionable trip "just programming the computer, figuring things out."
    • After turning 11, Sweeney spent hours on the Apple II Plus computer his brother gave him and used it to program video games. Sweeney told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that he spent more time "programming than I think I was sleeping or in school or doing any other one thing in the world."
    • Sweeney would play Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros." when he was a child as a way to "discover what games were doing and how they were doing it," according to an interview with video game website Kotaku in 2011.
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  4. Timothy Dean Sweeney is an American video game programmer and businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Epic Games, and the creator of the Unreal Engine, one of the most-used game development platforms. Sweeney has purchased large amounts of land in North Carolina, making him one of the largest private landholders in the state.

  5. Mar 22, 2013 · Features The Old Guard: An Interview with Tim Sweeney Sometimes we reach greatness by standing on the shoulders of giants -- and anyone who has ever made a game with the Unreal Engine knows that Tim Sweeney is just such a behemoth. In this interview he folds forth on the present and future of 3D engines for high-powered games. Brandon Sheffield

    • Brandon Sheffield
  6. May 25, 2009 · 58 MIN READ Features From The Past To The Future: Tim Sweeney Talks In a special interview, Epic Games founder and technical guru Tim Sweeney discusses his career, from the company's birth in the shareware revolution through to present and future game technology challenges. by Benj Edwards May 25, 2009 PDF Gears of War. Unreal Engine.

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