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  1. Best PS4 Games: Ranking the Greatest PlayStation 4 Games - IGN › articles › best-ps4-games

    6 days ago · On top of rock-solid movement and a huge, sometimes literal, sandbox to explore, The Phantom Pain gives players a huge arsenal of weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and AI companions to approach missions ...

  2. [Top 15] Warframe Best Weapons And How To Get Them | GAMERS ... › articles › warframe-best-weapons

    5 days ago · Top 10 Games Like Warframe (Games Better Than Warframe In Their Own Way) Following the heroic success of Warframe, the market for hybrid shooter/MMORPGs has become saturated with a troth of games hoping to mirror or even trump that success.

  3. Best Nintendo Switch Games - IGN › articles › best-nintendo-switch-games

    6 days ago · With so many games, it can be hard to pick a new title for your collection. We've made it easy: Here are the best Nintendo Switch games you can get right now.

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  5. All Jason Statham Movies Ranked - Movie and TV News › guide › all-jason

    3 days ago · (Photo by Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection) All Jason Statham Movies Ranked. Once, during a long-ago era called The ‘80s, Hollywood action heroes roamed the Earth with bulging biceps and names like Sly, Arnold, and Bruce.

  6. Agent 47 - Wikipedia › wiki › Agent_47

    4 days ago · Agent 47 (also known as 47, Mr. 47, and by his various fake aliases, most famously “Tobias Rieper”) is the protagonist and antihero of the Hitman video game franchise developed by Danish developer IO Interactive (IOI). He appears in all games in the series, as well as comics published by Dynamite Entertainment, and

  7. All 26 James Bond Movies Ranked by Tomatometer << Rotten ... › guide › james-bond-movies

    3 days ago · All 26 James Bond Movies Ranked by Tomatometer. You know his name. You got his number. Since 1962, James Bond has been the spy whose reputation precedes him: As international man of mystery, as guru of gadgets and espionage thrills, and as the agent who never encountered a boundary – country, or personal space – he couldn’t sneak across.

  8. King Ghidorah - Wikipedia › wiki › King_Ghidorah

    4 days ago · King Ghidorah (キングギドラ, Kingu Gidora) is a fictional monster, or kaiju, which first appeared in Ishirō Honda's 1964 film Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. Although the name of the character is officially trademarked by Toho as "King Ghidorah", [17] the character was originally referred to as Ghidorah or Ghidrah in some English ...

  9. 50 Best GBA Games / ROMs Of All Time (May 2021) › best-gba-games-list

    4 days ago · The game is easy to master, and still manages to provide hours of fun, especially if you are a baseball fan, then the value increases by a drastic measure. Top GBA Action Games. There have been several instances where action games were mistaken for beat ’em ups, but there is a very fine line that separates both of them.

  10. Netflix's Top 10 Most Watched Movies + Shows Today: Our Reviews › list › netflix-top-10-movies-and-shows

    4 days ago · Netflix‘s Top 10 is a new feature that highlights the most popular movies and shows on the platform in real time.Right now, the 10 most watched titles on Netflix are an eclectic mix of originals ...

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