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  1. The Tatars of Crimea: Return to the Homeland / Edition 2 by ...

    He records details concerning the war between Mongol princes of the Golden Horde, Jöge and his opponent, Toqta. To gain favor with Toqta, a ruler of Trnovo in north-central Bulgaria betrayed Jöge, who had fled to him for refuge. He confined Jöge in his citadel, executed him, and "sent his head to Crimea, and the kingdom of Noqai passed to ...

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  2. toqta : définition de toqta et synonymes de toqta (anglais)

    Tokhta (Toqta, Tokhtai,or Tokhtogha) (Тохтога, Тохтох) (? - c. 1312) was a khan of the Golden Horde , son of Mengu-Timur and great grandson of Batu Khan .

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    Möngke Khan and Toqta Khan. Nyamaa 2005 (Fig. 5 and Fig. 6). Petrov & Belyaev 2005 No. 16 (Fig. 72). Other evidence: Fig. 15, Fig. 90. Decision: Encode as TAMGA OF BATU KHAN. 1.3 Nyamaa gives this as a . tamga. of Toqta Khan, but there is no additional evidence for it, and it may simply be the particular way that is written on a particular ...

  4. Family tree of Genghis Khan | Project Gutenberg Self ...

    Toqta Khan, Khan of the Golden Horde 1291–1312 Togrul Uzbeg Khan (1282–1341), Khan of the Golden Horde 1312–1341

  5. United Nations within Country: Soviet Rassia

    Oct 09, 2015 · Toqta made his man ruler in Ghazna, but he was expelled by its people. Toqta dispatched a peace mission to the Ilkhan Gaykhatu in 1294, and peace was maintained mostly uninterrupted until 1318. [48] In 1304 ambassadors from the Mongol rulers of Central Asia and the Yuan announced to Toqta their general peace proposal.

  6. Golden Horde: The Mongols in Medieval Europe – Brewminate

    Oct 18, 2019 · Toqta (r. 1291-1312 CE) married an illegitimate Byzantine princess, strengthening the Golden Horde-Byzantine alliance that had existed since the time of Nogai. Yet under Uzbeg, the Mongols, in alliance with their Bulgarian vassal, raided the Byzantine Empire for two decades.

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    Os Toqta Do Bisom. Athlete. Os Toque Da 18. Society & Culture Website. Os Toque Da Bola. Sports Team. Os Toque De Brilho. Festival. Os Toque Majico. Personal Blog. Os ...

  8. Qızıl Orda — Vikipediyaızıl_Orda

    Lakin əslində hakimiyyəti dövlətdə və ordu içərisində böyük nüfuzu olan Noqay xan idarə edirdi. 1291-ci ildə hakimiyyətə gələn Toqta xan uzun mübarizədən sonra 1300-cü ildə Noqay xana qalib gələrək onu öldürtdü.

  9. Full text of "Kirakos of Ganjak on the Mongols"

    Kelmi§ Aqa was married to Salji’utai, a Qonqirat noyan in the service of the Golden Horde. Her husband died in 701(1301-2) and Rasid-ad-Din speaks of her as being still alive and held in high esteem by the contemporary ruler of the Golden Horde Toqta (1291-1312).

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