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  1. Gaykhatu - Wikipedia

    Sep 15, 2020 · The Golden Horde khan Toqta, who ascended the throne at the same time as Gaykhatu, sent Prince Qalintay and Pulad as envoys to the Ilkhanate on 28 March 1294 to make a truce and possibly ask for help against Toqta's rivals. They returned to Golden Horde three days later.

  2. Tolui - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Tolui (c.1191–1232) was the fourth son of Genghis Khan by his chief khatun Börte.His ulus, or territorial inheritance, at his father's death in 1227 was the homelands in Mongolia, and he also served as civil administrator until 1229, the time it took to confirm Ögedei as second Great Khan of the Mongol Empire (1206–1368).

    • 25 August 1227 – 13 September 1229
    • Börte Ujin