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  1. History – Traveling Wilburys

    The etymological origins of The Traveling Wilburys have aroused something of a controversy amongst academic circles. Did they, as Professor “Bobby” Sinfield believes, originate from the various Wilbury Fairs which traveled Europe in Medieval times, titillating the populace with contemporary ballads, or were they rather derived from, “YE TRAVELING WILBURYS”, who were popular locksmiths ...

  2. HEADING FOR THE LIGHT - A marvelous song from the TRAVELING WILBURYS Vol. 1 album in 1988.

  3. Nobody's Child Traveling Wilburys - YouTube

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  4. Traveling Wilburys — Wikipédia

    Les Traveling Wilburys est un supergroupe anglo-américain actif de la fin des années 1980 au début de la décennie 1990, composé de Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne et Roy Orbison. Le batteur Jim Keltner fut surnommé le « sixième Wilbury ».

  5. Traveling Wilburys – Wikipedia

    Die Traveling Wilburys waren eine Supergroup bestehend aus George Harrison († 2001), Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison († 1988), Tom Petty († 2017) und Bob Dylan.Sie bestand von 1988 bis 1990 und produzierte zwei Studioalben.

  6. HANDLE WITH CARE - The awesome opening song from the TRAVELING WILBURYS VOLUME 1 album.

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