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    Trick Pony was an American country music group, formed in 1999 by Heidi Newfield (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica), Keith Burns (lead guitar, vocals), and Ira Dean (bass guitar, vocals). They recorded three studio albums : Trick Pony , On a Mission , and R.I.D.E. , released in 2001, 2002, and 2005.

  2. Oct 03, 1980 · One-Trick Pony: Directed by Robert M. Young. With Paul Simon, Blair Brown, Rip Torn, Joan Hackett. Jonah (Paul Simon) is an aging rock star trying to put together a new album in the face of an indifferent record label and a talentless producer.

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    Trick Pony Lyrics. Please, support artist / band Buy: Trick Pony Sheet Music | Trick Pony CD | Trick Pony Posters: Trick Pony CD Buy Trick Pony albums on A Boy Like You Chords; Ain't Wastin Good Whiskey On You Chords; Can't Say That On The Radio Chords; Fast Horse Chords; I Didn't Chords; I'm Not Thinking Straight Anymore Chords

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  5. trick: [noun] a crafty procedure or practice meant to deceive or defraud. a mischievous act : prank. an indiscreet or childish action.

  6. three-card trick n (card game, confidence trick) (juego) tres cartas loc nom fpl : encuentre a la dama loc nom m: trick or treat, trick-or-treat n (Halloween tradition) pedir dulces loc verb : dulce o truco expr : truco o trato expr : Trick or treat's the only thing I like about Hallowe'en. Pedir dulces es lo único que me gusta de la noche de ...

  7. confidence trick (UK) (swindle) truffa all'americana nf: confidence trick, confidence game n (scam, fraudulent act) truffa nf : raggiro nm: conjuring trick n (making [sth] appear as if by magic) trucco di magia nm: dirty trick n: slang (act: unfair, dishonest) brutto scherzo, brutto tiro nm : tiro mancino nm : He's a con artist, so watch out ...

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