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    1 day ago · Over many large tropical areas, the dominant biome (forest, savanna or grassland) can not be predicted only by the climate, as historical events plays also a key role, for example, fire activity. In some areas, indeed, it is possible for there to be multiple stable biomes.

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    To the south, the Sahara is bounded by the Sahel, a belt of dry tropical savanna with a summer rainy season that extends across Africa from east to west. The southern limit of the Sahara is indicated botanically by the southern limit of Cornulaca monacantha (a drought-tolerant member of the Chenopodiaceae), or northern limit of Cenchrus biflorus, a grass typical of the Sahel.

  3. 4 days ago · Bangkok has a tropical savanna climate (Aw in the Koeppen climate classification). Bangkok is the world's most popular tourist destination; 23 million visitors stay overnight there per year. The main airport is Suvarnabhumi, located 30 kilometers east of Bangkok.

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  5. Clima tropical de savana – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    2 days ago · O clima tropical de savana, também conhecido por clima savânico, clima tropical com estação seca, clima tropical de estações húmida e seca ou ainda clima tropical semi-húmido [1] é um tipo de clima que corresponde às categorias "Aw" e "As" de classificação climática de Köppen-Geiger.

  6. 3 days ago · Dajabón has a tropical wet and dry/ savanna climate (Köppen climate classification : Aw). The average amount of rainfall for the year in the city is 1,167.4 mm (46.0 in). Most rains fall during the end of summer. The month with the most precipitation on average is May with 182.8 mm (7.2 in) of rainfall, followed by June with 161 mm (6.3 in).

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  7. 4A: Introduction to Biomes - Climate and Biomes

    6 days ago · Be sure to check out each of the following climate zones types on the map above. Relate them to the biome types, listed in parenthesis, below. (Note that some biome types exist in more than one climate zone. The alternatives are indicated by the parenthesis.) Tropical Rainforest (Monsoon) Arid Desert; Semi-arid desert (Savanna, Tropical Grassland)

  8. 珊瑚礁 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书珊瑚礁

    5 days ago · 珊瑚礁(英語: Coral reef )是石珊瑚目的动物形成的一种结构。 这个结构可以大到影响其周围环境的物理和生态条件。在深海和浅海中均有珊瑚礁存在,珊瑚礁形成的地質結構,甚至還構成了陸地上的島嶼。

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    5 days ago · Klimato (de la greka vorto klima/klimatos "deklivo, angulo") estas priskribo pri la vetero en specifa areo surbaze de diversaj veteraj mezuradoj (do statistiko, ĉu meznombra aŭ averaĝa) en tiu areo tra longa tempo, plej ofte laŭ tempoperiodo de ĉirkaŭ 30 jaroj.

  10. 4 days ago · Rwanda has a temperate tropical highland climate. It has lower temperatures than are typical for equatorial countries. This is because of its high elevation. Kigali, in the centre of the country, has a typical daily temperature range between 12 °C (54 °F) and 27 °C (81 °F).

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