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  1. Troy (2004) - IMDb › title › tt0332452

    May 14, 2004 · It is the year 1250 B.C. during the late Bronze age. Two emerging nations begin to clash after Paris, the Trojan prince, convinces Helen, Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband, Menelaus, and sail with him back to Troy. After Menelaus finds out that his wife was taken by the Trojans, he asks his brother Agamemnon to help him get her back.

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  2. Troy University

    Dothan Campus. TROY’s Dothan Campus offers a quality, 4-year-university experience. By providing the flexibility needed to juggle work, home and life, this campus has become the academic home of working adults living within Alabama’s Wiregrass and surrounding counties.

  3. Troy - Wikipedia › wiki › Troy

    Troy VI was a large and significant city, home to at least 5,000 people with foreign contacts in Anatolia and the Aegean. Troy VI can be characterized by the construction of enormous pillars at the south gate, which serve no structural purpose. These pillars have been interpreted as symbols for the religious cults of the city.

    • 3500 BC from the start of Troy Zero
    • Troad
  4. Troy | Geography, Archaeology, & Trojan War | Britannica › place › Troy-ancient-city-Turkey

    Troy, Greek Troia, also called Ilios or Ilion, Latin Troia, Troja, or Ilium, ancient city in northwestern Anatolia that holds an enduring place in both literature and archaeology. It occupied a key position on trade routes between Europe and Asia.

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  6. Troy (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Troy_(film)

    Troy is a 2004 epic historical war film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and written by David Benioff. Produced by units in Malta, Mexico and Britain's Shepperton Studios, the film features an ensemble cast led by Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom.

  7. Troy - World History Encyclopedia


    May 11, 2018 · Troy is the name of the Bronze Age city attacked in the Trojan War, a popular story in the mythology of ancient Greece, and the name given to the archaeological site in the north-west of Asia Minor (now Turkey) which has revealed a large and prosperous city occupied over millennia.

    • Mark Cartwright
  8. Troy (2004) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb › title › tt0332452

    Troy (2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  9. Troy (2004) - Rotten Tomatoes › m › troy

    Based on Homer's "Iliad," this epic portrays the battle between the ancient kingdoms of Troy and Sparta. While visiting Spartan King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), Trojan prince Paris (Orlando Bloom)...

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  10. Ancient Troy: The City & the Legend | Live Science › 38191-ancient-troy
    • Troy The Legend
    • The City's Origin
    • Homer's Troy?
    • Later Troy
    • Venerated Site
    • Was There A Trojan War?

    The Trojan War is thought to have taken place near the end of the Bronze Age. That is around or before 1200 B.C. It took place around the time that a civilization that we call Mycenaean flourished in Greece. They built great palaces and developed a system of writing. The earliest accounts of this war come from Homer, who lived around the eighth century B.C., several centuries after the events took place. They do not appear to have been written down until even later, likely during the sixth ce...

    The site of Hisarlik, in northwest Turkey, has been identified as being Troy since ancient times. Archaeological research shows that it was inhabited for almost 4,000 years starting around 3000 B.C. After one city was destroyed, a new city would be built on top of it, creating a human-made mound called a \\"tell.\\"\\"There is no one single Troy; there are at least 10, lying in layers on top of each other,\\" writes University of Amsterdam researcher Gert Jan van Wijngaarden in a chapter of the book...

    The city that may have been the Troy mentioned by Homer belongs to two other phases that date between roughly 1700 B.C. and 1190 B.C. Bryce notes that its defenses were formidable. \\"The walls, surmounted by mud-brick breastworks, once reached a height of nine meters (30 feet). Several watchtowers were built into these walls, the most imposing of which is the northeastern bastion, which served to reinforce the citadel's defences as well as offer a commanding view over the Trojan plain,\\" he wri...

    The city was abandoned around 1000 B.C. and was reoccupied in eighth century B.C., around the time Homer lived. The Greeks called the reoccupied city \\"Ilion.\\" The \\"new settlers had no doubt that the place they were preparing to occupy was the fabled setting of the Trojan War,\\" Bryce writes, and in later times its inhabitants took advantage of this to draw in political support and ancient tourists. For its first few centuries, Ilion was a modest settlement. While many scholars believe that the...

    Xerxes, the Persian king on his way to conquer Greece, stopped to pay homage to Troy and, most notably, Alexander the Great would do the same in the fourth century B.C., granting it special status within his empire. \\"It is said that the city of the present Ilians was for a time a mere village, having its temple of Athena, a small and cheap temple,\\" wrote Strabo, who lived around 2,000 years ago. When \\"Alexander went up there after his victory at the Granicus River he adorned the temple with v...

    The big question researchers face is, was there ever a Trojan War? If there was, then is this really Troy? Unfortunately, the only written remains found at Troy, that date before the eighth-century B.C. Greek occupation, is a seal written in a language called Luwian, the seal being perhaps brought to Troy from elsewhere in Turkey. Scholars have noted that the topography of Troy as told in the legend does seem to generally match that of the real-life city and, as noted earlier, people as far b...

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