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    Trunk to Cairo. Trunk to Cairo (German: Einer spielt falsch) is a 1965 Israeli-West German international co-production spy film directed by Menahem Golan and starring Audie Murphy and George Sanders. It was distributed by American International Pictures. It was Murphy's first non-western or war film since The Quiet American in 1958.

    • Menahem Golan, Michael J. Kagan
    • Dov Seltzer
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    Trunk to Cairo (1966) Audie Murphy (Actor), George Sanders (Actor) Format: DVD-R This title is manufactured on demand using DVD-R, when sold by Learn more

    • DVD-R
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    Trunk to Cairo was written by Marc Behm, a rather surprising assignment for the man who had just done the story and screenplay for the Beatles movie Help! (1965). For this movie, however, he may have drawn on his past experience, writing suspense stories for the screen.

    • Menahem Golan, Jacques Erlich
    • Audie Murphy
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    The film's title was inspired by an actual 1964 discovery at Rome Airport of a bound and drugged man inside a trunk sent from the Egyptian Embassy at Rome to Cairo, marked "diplomatic mail." *An extremely rare Audie Murphy movie. Very few prints of TRUNK TO CAIRO exist.

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    Trunk to Cairo is a 1966 Israeli/West German international co-production spy film distributed by American International Pictures.

    • Joseph Goldman, Menahem Golan
    • Audie Murphy
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    Jun 23, 2020 · He soon discovers a trap. To escape, he abducts the scientist's daughter and heads for Italy where Egyptian agents capture him, place him in a trunk and send him on a plane back to Cairo. Italian guards manage to capture the Egyptians. When they open the trunk, they discover the body of an Egyptian guard, not that of the agent.

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  8. Sep 09, 2018 · Trunk to Cairo (1966) Mike Merrick is an American agent who is sent to meet with Professor Schlieben a German scientist. During the mission it is revealed that the professor is a Neo-Nazi, developing a weaponized rocket that can be used against the Western world. Merrick now must destroy the rocket plans hidden in Schlieben’s lab.

  9. Feb 09, 1985 · With Randy Clower, Richard Malmos, Laurie Savino. Randy and Richard present the very first show for the "The Texas 27 Film Vault" on KDFI, Channel 27 Dallas, Texas.

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    מבצע קהירTrunk to Cairo. מבצע קהיר. סרט ריגול של מנחם גולן, שהופק בהשראת סרטי ג'יימס בונד, על רקע מירוץ החימוש בין ישראל ומצרים בשנות ה-60'. מייק מריק (אודי מרפי) הוא סוכן אמריקאי שתפקידו להשמיד מפעל ...

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