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    The UCLA Bruins baseball team is the varsity college baseball team of the University of California, Los Angeles. Having started playing in 1920, the program is a member of the NCAA Division I Pac-12 Conference. It plays its home games at Jackie Robinson Stadium.


    The UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID), put together by Ian Maddieson and colleagues at UCLA, is a valu- able material for Phonetics research and teaching. In its second version, USPID contains information for 45 1 languages, carefully sampled from the world’ s languages [2, 4-j.

  3. UCLA Phonetics Lab Databases and Physiology Resources

    Roy Becker's vowel corpus (an .xlsx file, see his 2010 dissertation for a description of the database) Linguistic Voice Quality project archive (audio and EGG recordings, spreadsheet of measurements) BU Radio News corpus and Buckeye corpus are available on the internal T: drive; UPSID (UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database)

  4. Segment Inventories - Mielke - 2009 - Language and ...

    The nature of speech sound inventories has been a focus of study by phonologists and phoneticians, facilitated in 1984 with the publication by Ian Maddieson of the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database. This article gives an overview of the study of inventories and summarizes some of the major findings.

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    UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID) (eng. Zadnji put uređivano 12. ožujka 2013., u 17:58. Sadržaji se koriste u skladu s CC BY-SA 3.0 osim ako ...

  6. イアン・マディソン - Wikipediaイアン・マディソン

    The book analyzes the frequencies and distributions of the phonemic sounds among languages. The results are based on UPSID (the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database). 外部リンク. Ian Maddieson's Homepage; Ian Maddieson's Homepage at the University of Berkeley

  7. Visualizing phonetic segment frequencies with density ...

    Much of what is currently known about the typology of phonological inventories is based on the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID), compiled by Ian Maddieson and colleagues. The UPSID database was published with 317 languages in Ian Maddieson’s Patterns of Sounds (Maddieson 1984), later expanded to 451 inventories (Maddieson &

  8. UPSID Info - Goethe University Frankfurt

    This site is a (hopefully) simple user interface to the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID). This Database was compiled by Ian Maddieson and Kristin Precoda (cf. Maddieson, 1984) and contains information on the distribution of 919 different segments in 451 languages.

  9. PHOIBLE 2.0

    PHOIBLE is a repository of cross-linguistic phonological inventory data, which have been extracted from source documents and tertiary databases and compiled into a single searchable convenience sample. Release 2.0 from 2019 includes 3020 inventories that contain 3183 segment types found in 2186 distinct languages.

  10. PHOIBLE 2.0 - Inventories

    Inventory Language # segments # vowels # consonants # tones Contributor Cite PHOIBLE 2.0 edited by Moran, Steven & McCloy, Daniel ...