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    Situated on the Ume River, Umeå is the largest locality in Norrland and the thirteenth largest in Sweden, with 89,607 inhabitants in 2019. The municipality had 129,231 inhabitants as of 2020. When Umeå University was established in 1965, growth accelerated, and the amount of housing has doubled in the last 30 years. As of 2011

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Umeå is a town in northern Sweden. The town is known for the large number of birch trees. About 116,465 people were living in Umeå Municipality in late 2011.

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    Umeå (info) (umemål [ʉ̂ːm], finska Uumaja, umesamiska Ubmeje, sydsamiska Upmeje) är en tätort i Västerbotten. Umeå är centralort i Umeå kommun, residensstad i Västerbottens län och sedan 1965 universitetsstad – Umeå universitet är med cirka 16 000 helårsstudieplatser landets femte största.

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    Umeå Municipality is a municipality in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. Its seat is Umeå, which is also the county seat of Västerbotten County.

    The municipality is an administrative entity defined by geographical borders, consisting of Umeå and a large area around it. The present municipality consists of many former local government units joined together in a series of municipal reforms carried out between 1952 and 1974. A 65-member municipal assembly is elected by proportional representation for a four-year term. The assembly appoints the 9-member executive committee and the 7 governing commissioners. The executive committee and ...

    Umeå Municipality is twinned with: 1. Saskatoon, Canada 2. Qufu, People's Republic of China 3. Helsingør Municipality, Denmark 4. Vaasa, Finland 5. Würzburg, Germany 6. Guanajuato, Mexico 7. Harstad, Norway 8. Petrozavodsk, Russia 9. Osmangazi, Turkey 10. Nilufer, Turkey ...

    • Sweden
    • Umeå
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    Umeå are mai multe muzee, printre care parcul cu sculpturi umedalen și muzeul în aer liber Gammlia, alături de muzeul regiunii. Regiunea se evidențiază și prin numeroasele și generoasele piste ciclistice amenajate în scopuri turistice. Educație și știință

    • 2.330,7 loc./km²
    • 34,15 km²
    • 1622
    • 12 m.d.m.
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    Umeå kommun (uttal ()) är en kommun i Västerbottens län. Centralort är Umeå som också är länets residensstad.Befolkningsmässigt är Umeå kommun, med 130 224 invånare (31 december 2020) [6], Sveriges 11:e största kommun, sedan 1992 Norrlands största kommun och sedan 1976 Norrlands snabbast växande kommun.

    • Umeå. Vill mer.
    • Sverige
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    Umeå Airport (IATA: UME, ICAO: ESNU) is an airport located on the southern outskirts of the city of Umeå, Sweden. As of 2019, it is the seventh-largest airport in Sweden. It had 960,351 passengers in 2019. By road, the airport is located about 5.4 kilometres (3.4 mi) from Umeå city centre.

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    Umeå University is a university in Umeå in the mid-northern region of Sweden. The university was founded in 1965 and is the fifth oldest within Sweden's present borders. As of 2015, Umeå University has nearly 31,000 registered students, including those at the postgraduate and doctoral level. It has more than 4,000 employees, half of which are teachers/researchers, including 368 professors. Internationally, the university is known for research relating to the genome of the poplar tree and...

    The highest branch at Umeå University is the University Board of Directors. The board includes eight members appointed by the government, the Vice-Chancellor, three representatives for the teachers, three for other employees, and three for the students. The University Management consists of the Vice-Chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Senior Advisers and the University Director. The university has four faculties and eight campus schools, more than 20 research centers ...

    Prospective Swedish students make their applications to all Swedish universities at the Swedish Council for Higher Education website and international students use its counterpart in English, Information specific to non EU/EEA students can be

    Umeå University Library was established at the time of Umeå University's foundation in 1965, but has origins in from the Scientific Library in Umeå established in 1950 at Umeå City Library. Its main building dates from 1968, but has since been extended and rebuilt, most ...

    Umeå University has research departments and education in a broad range of academic disciplines, with more than thirty university departments conducting most teaching and research. Since the 1990s there are also several research centers, mostly local but some in partnership with

    • 4,200
    • Prof. Hans Adolfsson
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    Umeå (švédská výslovnost [ʉːmе.о] IPA; finsky: Uumaja) je univerzitní město na severu Švédska. Umeå je největším městem v historické oblasti Norrland, hlavní město Kraje Västerbotten a sídlo okresu Umeå. Vlastní město má 79 594 obyvatel (2010). Leží na řece Ume.

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