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    Uncyclopedia encourages satire that is close to or resembles the truth. However, many articles employ absurdist humor and little, if any, factual accuracy remains. For example, Uncyclopedia's article about Wikipedia claims that Wikipedia is a parody of Uncyclopedia, not the reverse.

  2. Mar 19, 2021 · Uncyclopedia is hosted by the Uncyclomedia Foundation, a non--profitable organization that also hosts a range of other projects. UnMeta An interlingual discussion on the ruinning of Uncyclopedias: UnCommons An image graveyard: UnData Data repository: Illogicopedia The encyclopædia of insanity which everyone can mess up: Encyclopædia Dæmonica

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    巨乳無罪とは、日本の刑法の制度の1つ。主に情状酌量面の考慮に用いられる。 小麦とは、西洋文化の根幹を為す植物であり、日本においては戦前まで一本も生えていなかった穀類である。

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    Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or to more than one gender. It may also be defined to include romantic or sexual attraction to people regardless of their sex or gender identity, which is also known as pansexuality.

  5. Sep 25, 2009 · Aaaaaaaa are a series of image macros and photoshops in which the first letter of the English (or Latin) alphabet “A” is nonsensically repeated many times. These images are often used as either a shock reaction or else in a "shitposting" manner to derail threads. The string of text is also often spammed in chat streams or in text-to-speech engines.

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    Uncyclopedia Philippine English: Etusivu on artikkeli- eikä Hikipedia-nimiavaruudessa (”Hikipedia:Sivun nimi”). Sotkiko Etusivu mielestäsi Hikipedian ...

  7. 出典: へっぽこ実験ウィキ『八百科事典(アンサイクロペディア)』

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