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    Morbius is a 2022 science-fiction antihero-based film based on an obscure manga, filmed in an underground cesspit, produced by Columbia Pictures "in association" with Marvel and distributed by Sony. Morbius stars everybody's favorite celebrity, alleged pedo, and clown (no, really) Jared Leto – acknowledged for acting in comparable pieces of ...

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    Uncyclopedia is a satirical online encyclopedia that parodies Wikipedia. Its logo, a hollow "puzzle potato", parodies Wikipedia's globe puzzle logo, [2] and it styles itself "the content-free encyclopedia", parodying Wikipedia's slogan of "the free encyclopedia". Founded in 2005 [3] as an English-language wiki, the project spans over 75 ...

    • Jonathan "Chronarion" Huang, "Stillwaters"
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    • January 5, 2005; 17 years ago
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  3. Uncyclopedia is an independent humor writing project, a non-profitable cabal that also hosts a range of other projects. UnNews. The news source on crack. Uncyclopedia. The content-free encyclopedia. Undictionary. The ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid. UnTunes. Where noisy things can live and prosper.

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    The site was founded by billionaire entrepreneur and media tycoon Oscar Wilde sometime in the late nineteenth century. The early Uncyclopedia was not the impressive effort it is today. It all began when Wilde would often write puerile childish jokes on scraps of paper to his male friends to encourage more "intimate relations". The Internet was, con...

    Initially, the site was a parody of renowned-to-comedy encyclopedia Wikipedia. However, due to economic and mental constraints, the site now relies and insists on trusty in-jokes and moronic junk. This was instituted by Wikia, who have sought to compete with rival comedy sites such as shock humor website Encyclopedia Dramatica and advertising-rich ...

    The site was, for a time, famous for its clever articles, but the tedious dramas are also often cited as being a source of amusements for the users and admins. The bitter in-fighting has also been used to allay many a high school/university shooting as lonely young men flock to "compete" on humor, particularly the kind of humor they have found girl...

    The site is something of a Paradise Lost and it is hoped that it can be restored to the glorious whoring effort that Wilde envisioned while pissed out of his mind during his studies at Oxford. The site has expanded a great deal, with an excess of 36,735 articles taking up server space. Some have speculated that lax attitudes have opened Uncyclopedi...

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  5. › how-uncyclopedia-worksHow Uncyclopedia works Also known as the spoon, is a humor-writing wiki that features: *Content designed for readers over age 13, or readers in certain countries over age 16 with parental permission. *Designed for intermediate humor writers. Ability to write single-page essays is strongly recommended.

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    Content on Uncyclopedia is licensed on a CC by SA license. Any questions about CC by SA should be directed to a site admin. Personally identifying information will only be disclosed if you give it out or if it is required by law in the circumstances, such as a subpoena or warrant.

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