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  1. United Artists. United Artists Corporation ( UA ), currently doing business as United Artists Digital Studios, is an American digital production company. Founded in 1919 by D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks, the studio was premised on allowing actors to control their own interests, rather than being dependent ...

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  3. United Artists (UA) is an American film and television entertainment studio founded in 1919 by D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks. This is a list of feature films originally produced or distributed by United Artists, including those made overseas.

    Release Date
    February 12, 1922
    film is considered lost
    February 21, 1924
    produced by D. W. Griffith, Inc.
    November 16, 1925
    distribution only; produced by Samuel ...
    February 15, 1926
    distribution only; produced by Samuel ...
    • The Boutique
    • The Krim-Benjamin Takeover
    • The Transamerica Merger and Beyond
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    United Artists was founded in 1919 by Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks(1883–1939), and D. W. Griffith (1875–1948) as a means of insuring control over the marketing of their pictures. Capitalizing on their fame in the movies, Pickford, Chaplin, and their partners had risen from the ranks of studio employees to become heads of their ...

    The motion picture industry entered a recession after the war, causing financial institutions to declare a moratoriumon independent production. Lacking capital resources and unable to finance production, UA went downhill. The threat of bankruptcy in 1951 convinced Mary Pickford and Charles Chaplin, the two remaining stockholders in the company, to ...

    United Artists' successful track record made it an object of a takeover. The American film industry entered the age of conglomerates during the sixties as motion picture companies were either taken over by huge multifaceted corporations, absorbed into burgeoning entertainment conglomerates, or became conglomerates through diversification. The takeo...

    Balio, Tino. United Artists: The Company Built by the Stars. Madison: University of WisconsinPress, 1976. ——. United Artists: The Company that Changed the Film Industry. Madison: University of WisconsinPress, 1985. Bach, Steven. Final Cut: Dreams and Disaster in the Making of Heaven's Gate. New York: Morrow, 1985. Bart, Peter. Fade Out: The Calamit...

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