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    Dollar is the name of more than 20 currencies. The United States dollar, named after the international currency known as the Spanish dollar, was established in 1792 and is the first so named that still survives. Others include the Australian dollar, Brunei dollar, Canadian dollar, Eastern Caribbean dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Jamaican dollar ...

  2. The United States of America (U.S.A or USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S or US) or America, is a sovereign country mostly in North America. It is divided into 50 states. Forty-eight of these states and the District of Columbia border each other between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

  3. Dec 7, 2022 · What is the United States Dollar (USD)? The United States Dollar refers to the national currency of the U.S and is represented by the ISO code USD and is often abbreviated as US$. It is considered a standard currency and is the most widely used currency in international transactions.

  4. Der US- Dollar ( englisch: United States dollar; Abkürzung: USD; Symbol: $) ist die offizielle Währungseinheit der Vereinigten Staaten. Der US-Dollar wird auch als amtliches und gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel in einigen anderen Ländern und Regionen geführt.

  5. Feb 6, 2023 · United States dollar From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository This page is about the US currency with the president 's or American leader's face. U.S. Federal Reserve notes - "Greenbacks" in the mid-1990s. Mehrere 1-, 5- und 10-Dollarnoten Contents 1 Current dollars denominations 1.1 One dollar 1.2 Two dollars 1.3 Five dollars

  6. United States dollar, nai to American dollar, United States of America ke official currency hae. Likhe ke time American dollar ke ( $) symbol ke kaam me laae ke likha jaawe hae. Dollar ke USD (U.S. Dollar) ke naam se bhi jaana jaawe hae. Front of a US dollar bill America ke ek dollar bill me George Washington ke chapa hae.

  7. 美元 (英語: United States Dollar ; ISO 4217 代码: USD ),又稱 美金 ,是 美國 作為存款債務的官方 貨幣 [註 1] 。 它的出现是由于《 1792年铸币法案 》的通过。 而同时也作为 储备货币 在美国以外的国家广泛使用。 目前美元的发行是由 美国联邦储备系统 控制。 美元通常可以使用符号“ $ ”来表示,而用来表示美分的标志是“ ¢ ”。 国际标准化组织 为美元取的 ISO 4217 标准代号为 USD 。 目录 1 概要 1.1 含金量 2 貨幣發展史 2.1 初期 2.2 北美十三殖民地货币区 2.3 金本位實施 2.4 第一次世界大戰後 2.5 1929年至1933年經濟大恐慌 2.6 布雷顿森林体系崩溃後 3 历史上的地位 4 纸币

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