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  1. USP, as the major institution of higher learning and research in Brazil, is responsible for educating a large part of Brazilian Masters and Ph.D’s. On our site, you can find information about our structure, ways of entrance and services offered to the foreign community Education Undergraduate Courses offered How to study at USP Graduate Studies

  2. The University of São Paulo (USP) is a public university, maintained by the State of São Paulo and affiliated with the State Secretariat of Economic, Scientific and Technological Development.

  3. The University of São Paulo ( Portuguese: Universidade de São Paulo, USP) is a public university in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

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    The University of São Paulo (USP) is a Brazilian public institution, established in 1934, maintained by the State of São Paulo. This means that no student pays fees to study at the university, which is fully maintained by state taxes.

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  6. University of São Paulo (USP) is one of the most prestigious higher education and research institutions in Brazil and is amongst the best universities in the world. Its schools offer undergraduate and graduate programmes covering all areas of knowledge. USP provides a fertile environment for study and research.

  7. The University of São Paulo (USP) The USP International Intercultural Center Location USP Local Offices INTERNATIONAL Coronavirus Financial Conflict of Interest (PHS/NIH FCOI) Structure of degree programmes Student Exchange Programmes Exchange Programme for Undergraduate Students

  8. In Brazil: Higher education The University of São Paulo is the largest and most important state university. The largest private university is Paulista University, also located in São Paulo. Read More In São Paulo: Education

  9. Universities USP Sao Paulo, Brazil University of São Paulo Don't know which university to pick? USP invites new students to master programs. Read more about the admission process. Are you a representative of this institution? Contents About USP USP tuition fees Study programs at USP Bachelor degree at USP

  10. The Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP) is recognized for its pioneering and excellence in teaching and research. It was founded in 1912 and established in 1913. In 1931, the current building of the medical school was formally opened. In 1934, it became part of the Universidade de São Paulo.

  11. University of São Paulo 201–250th World University Rankings 2023 =62nd Impact Rankings 2022 81-90th World Reputation Rankings 2022 Rua da Reitoria 374, térreo, Cidade Universitá, Butantã, Sao Paulo, 05508-220, Brazil Overview Rankings Compare Subjects Key Stats Jobs About University of São Paulo

  12. USP is a public, state-operated university and does not charge tuition fees. The campuses are distributed in eight cities in the State of São Paulo: Bauru, Lorena, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto, Santos, São Carlos and São Paulo, which is the State Capital. The university, which is also known simply as USP, consists of 42 schools ...

  13. University of Sao Paulo Offered Programs Select your Degree Bachelors Masters Application Requirements for Bachelors: A-Level Certificate Select your field of study for Bachelors Business, Finance & Economics Biology, Health & Medicine Engineering & Technology Politics, History & Law Humanities & Social Sciences Sports.PhysicalEducation

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