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  1. Zürich - Wikipedia › wiki › Zurich

    3 days ago · The University of Zürich was founded in 1833, although its beginnings date back to 1525 when the Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli founded a college of theology. Nowadays with its 24,000 students and 1,900 graduations each year, the University of Zürich is the largest in Switzerland and offers the widest range of subjects and courses at any Swiss higher education institution.

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  2. Carl Jung - Wikipedia › wiki › Carl_G

    In 1905, Jung was appointed as a permanent 'senior' doctor at the hospital and also became a lecturer Privatdozent in the medical faculty of Zurich University. In 1904, he published with Franz Riklin their Diagnostic Association Studies, of which Freud obtained a copy.

  3. UZH - Department of Comparative Language Science › en

    Jul 05, 2021 · Department of Comparative Language Science, University of Zurich. 5th floor (elevator) Guests, delivery services: Please ring the bell or phone the Department Office

  4. UZH - Science Communication - Niels Mede › en › research

    Jul 19, 2021 · Presentation prepared for the ReproducibiliTea Journal Club of the Center for Reproducible Science (CRS) at the University of Zurich, 1 October 2020, virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 1. Kessler, S. H., & Mede, N. G. (2019). Quelle: Wikipedia: Wissenschaftliche Befunde zur digitalen Informationssuche. Presentation prepared for the ...

  5. List of Turing Award laureates by university affiliation ... › wiki › List_of_Turing_Award

    Jul 14, 2021 · This list of Turing Award laureates by university affiliation shows the university affiliations of Turing Award winners since 1966 (as of 2021, 74 winners in total). The Turing Award is awarded every year by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to winners of the previous year, and this list considers Turing Award winners as equal individuals, regardless of the total number of ...

  6. UZH - Science Communication - Mike S. Schäfer › en › research

    Jul 15, 2021 · Professor of Science Communication at IKMZ, University of Zurich. since 2020. Co-Director of IKMZ - Dept. of Communication and Media Research. since 2020. Member of acatech - German National Academy of Science and Engineering. since 2015. Director of Center of Higher Education and Science Studies (CHESS) 2020-2021.

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  8. Heather Zurich - Wikipedia › wiki › Heather_Zurich

    Jul 06, 2021 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Heather N. Zurich (born October 23, 1987) is a former college basketball coach and former college and professional basketball player. Her last position in coaching was as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for the Long Island University Blackbirds women's basketball team of Brooklyn, New York.

  9. Wikipedia:Vital articles/Level/5/Society and social sciences ... › wiki › Wikipedia:Vital_articles

    Jul 13, 2021 · Vital articles is a list of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. It serves as a centralized watchlist to track the status of Wikipedia's most essential articles.

  10. 各大學諾貝爾獎得主列表 - › zh › 各大學諾貝爾獎得主

    Jun 26, 2021 · 各大學諾貝爾獎得主列表詳列了各個與诺贝尔奖得主有学术关联的大學。 自1901年起至2020年,诺贝尔奖(包括诺贝尔经济学奖)共颁给过930名个人和25个机构。

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