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    4 days ago · Uppsala is home to Scandinavia's largest cathedral – Uppsala Cathedral. Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest centre of higher education in Scandinavia . Among many achievements, the Celsius scale for temperature was invented there.

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    Oct 12, 2020 · The city of Uppsala is one of the oldest in Sweden.It has played a dominant role in the political, intellectual and historical development of the country. The two main institutions in the history of Uppsala are the Archdiocese which is located in the city, and Uppsala University, founded in the city in 1477.

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    4 days ago · The Church of Sweden (Swedish: Svenska kyrkan) is an Evangelical Lutheran national church in Sweden.A former state church, headquartered in Uppsala, with 5.8 million members at year end 2019 it is the largest Christian denomination in Sweden.

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    Oct 12, 2020 · La cathédrale d'Uppsala (Uppsala domkyrka en suédois) est (avec la cathédrale de Nidaros à Trondheim) la plus grande cathédrale de Scandinavie. C'est aussi le principal édifice religieux de l'Église de Suède. La cathédrale mesure 119 m de long et ses deux flèches sont, elles aussi, hautes de 119 m.

    • Uppsala domkyrka
    • 1827
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    Oct 09, 2020 · Uppsala domkyrkas godsinnehav med särskild hänsyn till perioden 1344-1527. Studier till Det medeltida Sverige, 0347-7495 ; 2. Stockholm: Vitterhets-, historie- och antikvitetsakad. Libris länk. ISBN 91-7402-043-9 Uppsala domkyrka = Uppsala Cathedral : katedral genom sekler : ett samlingsverk. Uppsala: Domkapitlet. 1982. Libris länk

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    4 days ago · Architecturally, Uppsala University has traditionally had a strong presence in Fjärdingen, the neighbourhood around the cathedral on the western side of the River Fyris. Despite some more contemporary building developments further away from the centre, Uppsala's historic centre continues to be dominated by the presence of the university.

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    Namnet Uppsala Cathedral Schole, eller Katedralskolan, används först under 1720-talet. [17] Detta namn bestod till år 1857 då det officiellt ändrades till Högre elementarläroverket i Uppsala. [18] Detta ersattes senare, år 1878 i samband med den nya lärostadgan, med namnet Högre allmänna läroverket i Uppsala.

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    6 days ago · Storkyrkan was first mentioned in written sources in 1279. The consecration of a church is furthermore attested in 1306, making it the oldest church in Stockholm. The earliest history of the church is thus somewhat unclear: Stockholm was founded in the middle of the 13th century and it has been considered unlikely that the city would not have a functioning church until 1306.

  10. Oct 11, 2020 · Uppsala Cathedral Uppsala Cathedral (Swedish: Uppsala domkyrka) is a cathedral located between the Uppsala University Main Building and the River Fyris in the centre of Uppsala, southeastern Sweden. Controlled by the Lutheran Church of Sweden, Uppsala Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Uppsala, the primate of Sweden.

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    Oct 12, 2020 · 卡尔·冯·林奈(英語: Carl Linnaeus ,瑞典語: Carl von Linné ,1707年5月23日-1778年1月10日),也譯為林内,受封貴族前名为卡尔·林奈乌斯( Carl Linnaeus ),由于瑞典学者阶层的姓常拉丁化,又作卡罗卢斯·林奈烏斯(拉丁語: Carolus Linnaeus ),瑞典 植物学家、动物学家和医生,瑞典科学院创始人 ...