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  1. Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Schleswig

    Valdemar IV Eriksøn (born c. 1262, died 1312) was Duke of Schleswig from 1283 until his death in 1312. He was the eldest son of Duke Eric I of Schleswig and Margaret of Rugia

  2. Duke of Schleswig - Wikipedia

    Schleswig Cathedral seven children: Duke-King of Schleswig-Denmark. Valdemar IV: c.1265: 1283-1312: 26 March or 7 July 1312: Estridsen: Elisabeth of Saxe-Lauenburg 1287 one child: Eric II: c.1290: 1312-1325: 12 March 1325: Estridsen: Adelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg 1313 two children: Gerhard III, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg (regent)

    18 August 1095
    10 July 1103
    25 June 1134
    12 March 1096
    7 June 1131
  3. Valdemar IV Atterdag | king of Denmark | Britannica

    Valdemar IV Atterdag, (born c. 1320, Denmark—died Oct. 24, 1375, Schleswig), king of Denmark (1340–75) who united his country under his own rule after a brief period of alien domination. His aggressive foreign policy led to conflict with Sweden, North German principalities, and the North German trading centres of the Hanseatic League.

  4. Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig : definition of Valdemar IV ... IV, Duke of Schleswig...

    德 马 四 世 ( 阿 道 戴 ) Valdemar IV Atterdag • 1340 年4 月22 日 • 1375 年10 月24 ... all translations of Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig sens a gent

  5. History of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    Southern parts of Schleswig had been mortgaged to several German nobles by Duke Henry I, Duke of Schleswig (d. 1375, a son of the former king Valdemar III of Denmark), the last duke of that line. The childless, elderly Henry transferred his rights to his kinsman and brother-in-law King Valdemar IV in 1373.

  6. History of Schleswig Holstein - Berufsgenealoge

    elect his nephew, Duke Valdemar V of Schleswig, King of Denmark. Count Gerhard III is appointed guardian and regent, and governs the kingdom. The charter of 1326 documenting these events and decisions stipulates that the Duchy of Schleswig shall never be possessed by the King of Denmark. In light of Valdemar

  7. Schleswig Valdemar III Duke - Valdemar III, Duke of Schleswig ...,_Duke_of_Schleswig

    Valdemar III Abelson Duke (1257 öldü) idi Schleswig Kral en büyük oğluydu 1257. ölümüne kadar 1253 den Danimarka Abel, Schleswig ve Dükü Holstein Matilda. hayat. 1252 yılında babasının ölümü sırasında, Valdemar esir tutulduğunu Köln Başpiskoposluğu, rehinesi Prens-Başpiskopos.

  8. Valdemar III, Duke of Schleswig - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    He was the eldest son of King Abel of Denmark, Duke of Schleswig and Matilda of Holstein. Life Edit At the time of his father's death in 1252, Valdemar was being held prisoner in the Archbishopric of Cologne , the hostage of the Prince-Archbishop .

  9. Eric II, Duke of Schleswig - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Schleswig

    Duke of Schleswig. At the death of Valdemar IV in the spring of 1312, he immediately succeeded his father as Duke of Schleswig. Shortly afterwards, he participated in the expedition of his feudal overlord, King Eric VI of Denmark, to Rostock. During this expedition, on 30 June in the camp outside Warnemünde, he was formally installed as Duke.

  10. Helvig of Schleswig - Wikipedia

    Helvig of Schleswig (also erroneously Hedwig; 1320–1374) was the queen of Denmark as the spouse of King Valdemar IV. She was the mother of Queen Margaret I of Denmark . Helvig of Schleswig

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