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    In Norse mythology, Váli is a son of the god Odin and the giantess Rindr.Váli has numerous brothers including Thor, Baldr, and Víðarr.He was born for the sole purpose of avenging Baldr, and does this by killing Höðr, who was an unwitting participant, and binding Loki with the entrails of his son Narfi.

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    Vali (pronounced like the English word “valley”; from Old Norse Váli) is a Norse god whom we know only from a few scattered, passing references in Old Norse literature. He’s the son of the god Odin and the giantess Rindr.[1] When the god Baldur was killed, Vali avenged his death by killing Baldur’s slayer, another … Continue reading Vali

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    Vaali (Sanskrit: वाली, nominative singular of the root वालिन् (Valin), also known as Bali, was king of Kishkindha in the Hindu epic Ramayan.He was the husband of Tara, spiritual son of Indra, biological son of Vriksharaja, the elder brother of Sugreev and father of Angada.

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    Váli is often incorrectly referred to as the son of Loki, though this is most likely an early transcription error. The mistake arises from a single passage in Gylfaginning containing the phrase "Then were taken Loki's sons, Váli and Nari". However, Gylfaginning describes Váli as the son of Odinin two other instances. All other documents found that date from this time refer to Váli only as Odin's son, with the exception of more recent copies of the original mistaken text.

    The Váli myth is referred to in Baldrs draumar: 1. Rindr will bear Váli 2. in western halls; 3. that son of Óðinn 4. will kill when one night old – 5. he will not wash hand, 6. nor comb head, 7. before he bears to the pyre 8. Baldr's adversary. 9. — translation by Ursula Dronke In Völuspá: 1. There formed from that stem, 2. which was slender-seeming, 3. a shaft of anguish, perilous: 4. Hǫðr started shooting. 5. A brother of Baldr 6. was born quickly: 7. he started – Óðinn's son – 8. slaying, at one night old. And in Prose Edda Gylfaginning(where he is described as Loki's son) 1. Now Loki was taken truceless, and was brought with them into a certain cave. Thereupon they took three flat stones, and set them on edge and drilled a hole in each stone. Then were taken Loki's sons, Váli and Nari (or Narfi); the Æsir changed Váli into the form of a wolf, and he tore asunder Narfi his brother. And the Æsir took his entrails and bound Loki with them over the three stones: One stands under his...

    Early mistranslation or confusion has led to a single mention of a Váli who is a son of Loki: "Þá váru teknir synir Loka, Váli ok Nari eða Narfi" from the Prose Edda, translated as "Then were taken Loki's sons, Váli and Nari". We find the original of the only reference to Váli as the son of Loki, while even the same text refers to Baldr's death being avenged by his brother (in Völuspá 33) as well as Váli being the Son of Odin in Völuspá 51, which is repeated in Baldr's draumar. Moana, a heroine kids and adults alike will admire and cheer forFandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.In the late period Gesta Danorumwe also see that Odin is said to have a son with Rinda that will avenge his other son, Baldr's, death – though in this case the name of this new son is Bous rather than Váli. In all these tales Odin goes out immediately – either through seduction, deception, or force – to sire this son. Similarly where each of these documents ascribe Váli...

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