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    into two groups of types of characters which are represented by Vasilisa Dementevna Malygina and Nina Konstantinovna. Vasilisa Dementevna Malygina, twenty - eight years old, is portrayed as a good woman worker who has worked since she was young. Physically, Kollontai describes

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    Konstantin Shvachko. We have 2 records for Konstantin Shvachko ranging in age from 48 years old to 57 years old. Konstantin has been found in 2 states including Massachusetts, California.

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    Kristina Babushkina was born on January 18, 1978 in Irkutsk, RSFSR, USSR as Kristina Konstantinovna Babushkina. She is an actress, known for Guardians of the Night (2016), Dalnoboyshchiki (2001) and Nikto ne znaet pro sex 2: No sex (2008). She has been married to Andrey since July 29, 2017. She was...

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    Find Konstantin Shvachko in the United States. We found 2 entries for Konstantin Shvachko in the United States. The name Konstantin Shvachko has over 2 birth records, 0 death records, 0 criminal/court records, 6 address records, 3 phone records and more.

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    English: Queen Olga of Greece (in Russian Великая Княжна Ольга Константиновна, in Greek Βασίλισσα Όλγα της Ελλάδος; 3 September 1851 – 18 June 1926), born Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna of Russia, was the queen consort of King George I of Greece and in 1920, Regent of Greece.

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    Vasilisa Konstantinovna; Authority control ... Media in category "Dmitriy Konstantinovich of Suzdal" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total.

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    Ivan III Vasiljevič (rus. Иван III Васильевич; Moskva, 22. januar 1440.. — Moskva, 27. oktobar 1505) je bio veliki knez moskovski, a od 1462. i „svih Rusa“ pošto je ujedinio velik broj kneževina.

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    His first enterprise was a war with the Republic of Novgorod, which had fought a series of wars (stretching back to at least the reign of Dmitry Donskoi) for two reasons: over Moscow's religious and political sovereignty, and over Moscow's efforts to seize land in the Northern Dvina region. Alarmed at Moscow's growing power, Novgorod had negotiated with Lithuania in the hope of placing itself under the protection of Casimir IV, King of Poland and Grand Prince of Lithuania, a would-be alliance regarded by Moscow as an act of apostasy from orthodoxy. Ivan took the field against Novgorod in 1470, and after his generals had twice defeated the forces of the republic—at the Battle of Shelon River and on the Northern Dvina, both in the summer of 1471—the Novgorodians were forced to sue for peace, agreeing to abandon their overtures to Lithuania and ceding a considerable portion of their northern territories, and paying a war indemnity of 15,500 rouble. Ivan visited Novgorod Central several...

    The character of the government of Moscow under Ivan III changed essentially, taking on a new form. This was due not merely to the natural consequence of the hegemony of Moscow over the other Russian lands, but to new imperial pretensions. After the fall of Constantinople, orthodox canonists were inclined to regard the Grand Princes of Moscow as the successors of the Byzantine emperors. Ivan himself appeared to welcome the idea, and he began to style himself tsar in foreign correspondence. This movement coincided with a change in the family circumstances of Ivan III. After the death of his first consort, Maria of Tver (1467), and at the suggestion of Pope Paul II (1469), who hoped thereby to bind Russia to the Holy See, Ivan III wedded Sophia Paleologue (also known under her original Greek and Orthodox name of Zoe), daughter of Thomas Palaeologus, despot of Morea, who claimed the throne of Constantinople as the brother of Constantine XI, the last Byzantine emperor. Frustrating the P...

    It was in the reign of Ivan III that Muscovy rejected the Tatar yoke. In 1476 Ivan refused to pay the customary tribute to the grand Khan Ahmed. All through the autumn the Muscovy and Tatar hosts confronted each other on opposite sides of the Ugra, till the 11th of November 1480, when Ahmed retired into the steppe.In the following year the Grand Khan, while preparing a second expedition against Moscow, was suddenly attacked, routed and slain by Ivak, the Khan of the Nogay Horde, whereupon the Golden Horde suddenly fell to pieces. In 1487 Ivan reduced the khanate of Kazan, one of the offshoots of the Horde, to the condition of a vassal-state, though in his later years it broke away from his suzerainty. With the other Muslim powers, the Khan of the Crimean Khanate and the sultans of Ottoman Empire, Ivan's relations were peaceful and even amicable. The Crimean Khan, Meñli I Giray, helped him against the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and facilitated the opening of diplomatic relations betwee...

    1462– Becomes Great Prince after his father's death
    1463– Annexes Yaroslavl
    1465– Sends an expedition to the Arctic
    1471 – Invades Novgorod, which becomes a puppet state
    J. L. I. Fennell, Ivan the Great of Moscow(1961)
    Sergei M. Soloviev, and John J. Windhausen, eds. History of Russia. Vol. 8: Russian Society in the Age of Ivan III(1979)
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    h Ευδοξία Ντμιτρίεβνα, ρωσ.Евдокия Дмитриевна (1353 - 1407) από τον Οίκο των Ρουρικιδών ήταν κόρη του μεγάλου πρίγκιπα του Σούζνταλ και με τον γάμο της έγινε μεγάλη πριγκίπισσα της Μόσχας.