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  2. Roman Vladimirovich of Uglich (c1235-1285) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Roman Vladimirovich of Uglich (Роман Владимирович) was born 1235 to Vladimir Konstantinovich of Uglich (1214-1249) and Yevdokiya Ingvarevna of Ryazan (c1216-1278) and died 3 February 1285 of unspecified causes. He married Aleksandra NN. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899).

    • 1235
    • Vladimir Konstantinovich of Uglich (1214-1249)
    • 3 February 1285
    • Yevdokiya Ingvarevna of Ryazan (c1216-1278)
  3. Vasily Vladimirovich of Uglich - Wikidata

    Vasily Vladimirovich of Uglich (Q4104420) From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. No description defined. edit. Language Label Description Also known as ...

    • Vladimir the Bold, Helen of Lithuania
  4. Princes of Uglich | Familypedia | Fandom

    Notes^ Dmitri Shemyaka came into the possession of the Principality of Uglich after his reconciliation with Vasili II, in June 1434. In the document of the treaty Dmitri Shemyaka (1434-1447) and Dmitri Red with Vasily II about June 5, 1434 - January 6, 1435 Basil confirmed its Award to the Yurevich. Uglich was captured by forces of the Dark Basil after a week of the siege between January 1 and ...

  5. Principality of Uglich | Familypedia | Fandom

    It is the last of the Russian principalities which has been disestablished. During its existence, the Principality of Uglich was ruled by a total of 23 princes. List of rulers Edit. Vladimir Konstantinovich (1216-1249) Andrei Vladimirovich (1249-1261) Roman Vladimirovich (1261-1285) Princes of Rostov Edit. Dmitri Borisovich (1285-1288)

  6. • Ivan Vladimirovich of Serpukhov d, Андрій Володимирович Серпуховський, Vasily Vladimirovich of Uglich d і Ярослав Володимирович

  7. • Андрій Володимирович Серпуховський, Ivan Vladimirovich of Serpukhov d, Симеон Володимирович і Vasily Vladimirovich of Uglich d: Діти: Василь Ярославич d і Марія Боровська d

  8. Ivan the Terrible - Wikipedia

    Ivan was the first son of Vasili III and his second wife, Elena Glinskaya.Elena's mother was a Serbian princess and her father's family, the Glinski clan (nobles based in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania), claimed descent both from Orthodox Hungarian nobles and the Mongol ruler Mamai (1335–1380.)

    • 16 January 1547
    • 16 January 1547 – 28 March 1584
    • Monarchy established
    • Feodor I
  9. • Ivan Vladimirovich of Serpukhov d, Симеон Володимирович, Vasily Vladimirovich of Uglich d і Ярослав Володимирович Медіафайли у Вікісховищі

  10. Владимир Андреевич Храбрий (русӣ: Влади́мир Андре́евич Хра́брый; 15 июли 1353 — 14 майи 1410) — ходими давлатӣ ва лашкаркаши рус, князи Серпухов.