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  1. Jan 15, 2024 · The Venetian Lagoon. The Venetian lagoon is much more than just a natural area around the city of Venice. The Venetian state, and the city of Venice itself, only existed because of the lagoon. The lagoon gave protection from foreign invaders in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, the lagoon provided salt which was the first major industry ...

  2. What most visitors don't realize is that Venice is surrounded by one of the most ecologically rich bodies of water in the Mediterranean: the Laguna Veneta, or Venetian Lagoon. The Laguna is a crescent-shaped body of water between the Italian mainland and the Adriatic sea.

  3. Mar 20, 2018 · It’s easy to get swept up in the magic of Venice’s most iconic sights, like St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace, and never make the time to explore the outlying islands of the Venetian Lagoon. However, if you pass up the chance to visit these less obvious destinations you’ll be missing out.

  4. The Venetian Lagoon is an ambiguous area that is neither land nor sea. Stretching some 34 miles in length and 7 miles wide, it takes a crescent shape along part of the coast of north-eastern Italy. Discover the beauty, history and culture of this UNESCO-listed canal...

  5. A place where tradition defies time. When you happen to walk through the sestieri of the city, you may notice some suggestive architecture such as the squeri. But what are we talking about? They are nothing but the ancient shipyards where all the famous Venetian boats were built and repaired.

  6. Venice is not only Saint Mark Square and Rialto , there are many other things to discover!!! A different itinerary can be a visit to the Main Islands of the Venetian Lagoon: Murano (famous for the glass laboratories), Burano (where you can buy very nice handmade lace works) and Torcello (here you will find the older Church of Venice).

  7. What Venice and its lagoon are and where they are located. History and information on Venice and its lagoon. Why Venice and its lagoon are a UNESCO site. The most beautiful places to visit in Venice and around its lagoon. Local products and dishes from Venice and its lagoon: the specialities to try.

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