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    • 1. emerge or cause to emerge from a state of sleep; stop sleeping: "she woke up feeling better" Similar awakeawakenwaken (up)rouseOpposite sleepfall asleep
    • 2. hold a vigil beside (someone who has died): dialect Irish, North American "we waked Jim last night"


    • 1. a watch or vigil held beside the body of someone who has died, sometimes accompanied by ritual observances including eating and drinking: "he was attending a friend's wake"
    • 2. (in some parts of the UK) a festival and holiday held annually in a rural parish, originally on the feast day of the patron saint of the church: "his workers absented themselves for the local wakes"

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  3. wake: [verb] to be or remain awake. to remain awake on watch especially over a corpse. to stay up late in revelry.

  4. wake 1 (wāk) v. woke (wōk) or waked (wākt), waked or wok·en (wō′kən), wak·ing, wakes v.intr. 1. a. To cease to sleep; become awake: overslept and woke late. b. To ...

  5. Synonyms for WAKE: consciousness, wakefulness, insomnia, sleeplessness. Cite this Entry “Wake.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, https://www ...

  6. Wake County Public Libraries. 919-250-1200. Sheriff's Office. 919-856-6900. Wake County Public Schools. 919-431-7400. Human Services Call Center. 919-212-7000.

  7. Wake definition, to become roused from sleep; awake; awaken; waken (often followed by up). See more.

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