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  1. DISNEY ANIMATION CAREERS. The official site of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Walt Disney Animation Studios is a filmmaker-driven animation studio responsible for creating some of the most beloved films ever made. Located in California, Disney Animation continues to build on its rich legacy of innovation and creativity, from the first fully ...

  2. Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), sometimes shortened to Disney Animation, is an American animation studio that creates animated features and short films for The Walt Disney Company. The studio's current production logo features a scene from its first synchronized sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie (1928).

  3. Release Date November 27, 2024. Since the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios continues to honor our heritage through animated films that combine beautiful artistry, masterful storytelling and groundbreaking technology.

  4. This list includes the films made by Walt Disney Animation Studios; originally Walt Disney Productions (1937–1985) and Walt Disney Feature Animation (1986–2007). Films by decade: 1930s/1940s · 1950s · 1960s · 1970s · 1980s · 1990s · 2000s · 2010s · 2020s · Upcoming.

  5. Walt Disney Animation Studios (commonly abbreviated to Disney Animation or simply Disney) is The Walt Disney Company's flagship studio. Founded by Walt Disney and his older brother, Roy O. Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios was developed as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio after the closure of...

  6. Oct 9, 2021 · October 9, 2021. Kari Koeppel. Disney News Contributor. The time is drawing near for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ next movie, Encanto. A film about the complexities and interconnectedness of families, Encanto centers on the Madrigal family and their magical home, and particularly on Mirabel, the only member of her large family without a ...

  7. At Walt Disney Animation Studios, artists and technologists work together to advance the art and science of animation. Inspired by our legacy, we look ahead to discover new styles, tools, and techniques that will shape the future of animated storytelling.

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